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**TIP: SEARCH FOR "BETTER CALCULATOR LITE" TO TRY THE FREE VERSION WITH LESS FUNCTIONALITY BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS PURCHASE** We feel the same way you do - why another calculator? But we felt that we weren't satisfied with the other choices available. Existing apps either strive to make the iPhone look like a dollar store calculator, or they're too bulky and complex to be used for quick calculations. We found that we had to create something new and awesome: Better Calculator! Created by an engineer, better calculator is a multi-line, customizable function driven calculator that starts up FAST and is simple to use, but also has the complex functions there when you need them. Once you have it installed, Better Calculator will be the only calculator you'll ever use on your phone. ------- SOME OF THE COOL STUFF THAT MAKES BETTER CALCULATOR SO AWESOME: • CUSTOMIZABLE KEYS! Drag your favorite functions keys onto the custom keypad. Taking a trig class? Drag over the trig functions for quick access. Prefer degrees over radians? Drag the degree key over as well. • IT'S LIGHTWEIGHT AND STARTS UP FAST. This should be the only calculator you ever need to use! • IT'S MULTI-LINE. You can see an entire formula on one line and scroll through it horizontally. And you can see the history of all of the formulas you've entered. • IT'S INTUITIVE. Just like on popular TI or Casio calculators, if you press "+", "-", "/", "%", etc. at the start of a line, the calculator knows you want to start with ANS. And the calculator will close a single parenthesis or function if you didn't. When you have a problem that needs solving we want you to be able to get an answer FAST instead of bugging you with error messages. • IT'S POWERFUL. Tons of complex functions are available if you need them (trig, standard deviation, logs, etc.) but they stay hidden when you don't. Plus, using our special split-scroll interface you can view function buttons on the same screen as the number pad, helping you to enter your formulas faster. • SEND YOURSELF AN E-MAIL. Are there any important results you need to remember? Press the e-mail button and all of your calculations are compiled into an easy to read e-mail that you can send right from the app. • EVERYTHING YOU ENTER IS SAVED. Every formula you enter into Better Calc is automatically saved until you clear it. So even if the app shuts down, your work is there as soon as you restart it. • WE LISTEN TO YOU. Better calc is definitely better, but we know it's not perfect. Do you think a button is in the wrong place or do you have a request for another function? Send us an e-mail! ---LIST OF FUNCTIONS--- • Trig: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, ° • Trig Recip: csc, src, cot, acsc, asec, acot • Hyp Trig: actanh, asech, cotanh, sech, atanh, asinh, acosh, tanh, cosh, sinh • General: sqrt, log, ln, log2, exp, ceil, floor • Operators: +, -, /, (, ), ^, %, !, √, ∛, ÷, ², ³ • Useful Functions: index, sum, count, min, max, med, stdev, ave, rand, nroot, pow • Constants: ϕ, π, τ, e • Log Constants: log2e, log10e, ln2, ln10 • Comparison Operators: greater than, less than, etc • Tools: function copy mode, e-mail calculations ------- Send all bug reports and feature requests to We take your input very seriously.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.41

Size: 10.46 MB


Price: 0,92 €

Developed by ComponentBid, LLC

Day of release: 2012-08-29

Recommended age: 4+

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