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"HANDWRITING CLASS WAS NEVER LIKE THIS" - Lou A., AppShouter.com "ON-THE-GO OPTION FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE TIME TO SIT DOWN WITH A WORKBOOK EVERY DAY" - Sarah Parker, TheIPhoneAppReview.com "MY KIDS LOVE THIS APP!" - Paula Ward, TheIPhoneAppReview.com AS SEEN IN GQ MAGAZINE (Dec. 2009, p128, right sidebar) For the latest updates, please join our newsletter or follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/dpsiphone Better Letters is your personal handwriting trainer, inspired by the instructional handwriting font work of UK handwriting specialist Christopher Jarman. The app provides instructional lectures (audio and written) and practice fonts with choice of writing style, guidelines, and directional arrows. Research shows that the fastest, clearest writers join some letters, not all of them: making the easiest joins, skipping the rest. Also, the fastest and clearest writers tend to use the simplest letter shapes: avoiding the complex, accident-prone letter forms of conventional cursive. In fact, the earliest published handwriting books, half a millennium ago, taught a semi-joined style of this type (called “Italic” after the style's origins in Renaissance Italy) well before today's more complicated cursive came along. Now, more and more people who seek better handwriting - doctors, teachers, and ordinary folks of all ages in every walk of life - are reviving the Italic style. Its high-speed clarity and simplicity fit the findings of handwriting research and meet today's continuing need for fast, legible writing on paper or in a pen computing environment. BetterLetters puts an Italic handwriting class in your pocket! Unlike other handwriting apps, Better Letters soars past the worksheets. Beyond its sample letters and numerals to trace and copy, Better Letters includes: --User-selectable "ink" color. All letter and numeral examples display in black, but BetterLetters allows you to trace the on-screen examples in a color of your choice. --Two style variations on Italic: letters with, or without, lower-case exit-strokes.(Choose according to personal taste,or choose whichever feels easier for you to write.) --A list of 299 practice words, including every letter combination used in English. (Elsewhere in the program, you can input your own practice words.) --Onscreen instructional essays and audio by our handwriting specialist Kate Gladstone (known internationally as the “Handwriting Repairwoman”) on such topics as joins, stroke order, handwriting history, and speed development. --Built-in sketchpad to practice and apply your skills. --Links to handwriting instruction web-sites, selected by our handwriting specialist, extend your resources for mastering rapid, readable writing. (REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION: Wi-Fi, 3G.) WHO WRITES BETTER with Better Letters? --MDs, nurses, and medical and nursing students can gain and maintain clear, rapid writing for situations that require handwriting. (In the most computerized hospitals, computer networks crash; generators fail. Even when computers work, doctors must often scribble notes, or give ward clerks the day's handwritten records to read and process.) --Children, teens, and young adults can prepare for written sections of high-stakes tests. (Since 2003, the SAT exam for USA high school students includes a timed handwritten essay: 1/6 of the total score. When schools neglect handwriting instruction or use counterproductive methods, Better Letters allows students to gain and maintain competent handwriting.) --Parents and teachers - from kindergarten through grad school -- can boost the legibility and speed of their own writing in order to teach more effectively. (When a teacher's handwriting lacks precision and speed, it can wreck the best-planned lesson or demonstration.)


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