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Have you ever wondered how large Noah`s ark was in feet, or meters? Or what the Widow`s Mite would be worth in today`s Dollars ...

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Have you ever wondered how large Noah’s ark was in feet, or meters? Or what the Widow’s Mite would be worth in today’s Dollars (or Euros, or Yen)? For 18 years, Bible Number Converter has helped the serious Bible Student understand and appreciate Bible values from the past by relating them to today's familiar ones, converting ancient values for length, weight, volume, time, and money. For example, use it to quickly see that the 1 ephah Ruth gathered at Ruth 2:17 converts to 22 liters, 20 dry quarts, or over a half bushel. Ancient money was often made of gold and silver, and Bible Number Converter makes these values accurate for today by letting you set the conversion to current gold and silver prices. You can also edit the display to change the Dollars shown to your local currency, such as Yen, Lira, Euros, etc. The program also features easy number display, with all values shortened to 3 digits, and very small and large amounts translated into text, so “0.0005123 cubits” becomes “512 millionths of a cubit” making values readily understood. As well, Bible Number Converter includes a comprehensive help file that explains each of the measurements, how values were determined, and what they mean to us today. Useful for anyone wishing to enhance their Bible reading or research. Ancients values converted include: LENGTH: fingerbreadths, handbreadths, spans, cubits, long cubits, fathoms, reeds, long reeds, furlongs, Roman miles. WEIGHT: gerahs, bekahs, shekels, Hebrew minas, Hebrew talents, Roman pounds, Greek minas, Greek talents. VOLUME: logs, cabs, omers, seahs, ephahs, homers, hins, baths, cors. TIME: months (lunar), years (lunar), months (Biblical), years (Biblical). MONEY: gold gerahs, silver gerahs, gold bekahs, silver bekahs, gold pims, gold shekels, silver shekels, gold minas, silver minas, gold talents, silver talents, Persian darics, lepta, quadrantes, asses, denarii, Greek drachmas, didrachmas, staters, Greek minas, Greek talents. Modern units displayed/converted include: LENGTH: inches, feet, miles, cm, km. WEIGHT: grams, kilograms, ounces (avoirdupois), ounces (troy), pounds, tons. VOLUME: liters, fluid ounces, liquid quarts, gallons, dry quarts, bushels. TIME: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months (avg), years (solar), centuries. MONEY: dollars (U.S.), dollars (Canadian) - note that the Canadian dollars measure can be replaced by your own units, such as Euros, Lira, Yen, etc. Try it Today!


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