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Do you know the Bible? Test your knowledge of God, Jesus, New Testament, Old Testament and many other Christian aspects with this fun trivia quiz! WIDE ...

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Do you know the Bible? Test your knowledge of God, Jesus, New Testament, Old Testament and many other Christian aspects with this fun trivia quiz! WIDE VARIETY OF QUESTION TOPICS: From the Old to the New Testament, we are providing you with a wide variety of religious questions. DIFFERENT GAME MODES: You'll never get bored with the different game modes we offer in our trivia game. Play in "Classic" for a casual relaxing way to test your history knowledge. For a more fast-paced game, try the "Think Fast" mode where you are awarded extra points for fast answers. Think you know all there is to know about the Christian religion? See how far you can get in "Endless" mode. EASY/MEDIUM/HARD QUESTIONS: You can test your knowledge no matter what your level is. We offer a large variety of questions ranging from Easy to Hard. REGULAR UPDATES: Even though our question bank is pretty extensive, we don't plan on giving you a set of questions and letting you get bored after some time like other trivia apps do. We'll keep adding more and more questions. But more questions is just the start, we've planned different game modes, different type of questions and many more surprises for our customers. DUPLICATE QUESTION ASSASSIN: We've created a special algorithm that prevents duplicate questions from being displayed before you've exhausted all questions and we've named it the "Duplicate Question Assassin". There is nothing worse than downloading a quiz game, impatiently waiting while it loads just to discover that you are getting the same questions over and over again. Our "Assassin" takes care of that by keeping track of what questions have been presented to each individual player and preventing any duplicates until you have exhausted all questions. CUSTOM HIGH DEFINITION (HD) GRAPHICS: We hate it when we see a game or app that looks like someone whipped it up in their spare time and we are sure you do too. That is why our designers have created stunning custom made HD graphics so you can fully immerse yourself in the Bible's teaching and stories. ACTION SOUNDTRACK: Beautiful graphics are nothing without a good soundtrack so we are providing with an auditory experience that will make you feel like you are in back in time. GAME CENTER LEADERBOARDS: You think you know the most about American History? Compare yourself to other players with a click of a button. Our game has Game Center leaderboards built right into it so you can compare yourself against your friends or the top players in the world. So you think you know everything about Christianity and the Bible? Only one way to find out...


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