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NEW FEATURE: Now you can export QuickBooks time entries directly to any computer on your WiFi network using and web browser. Of course you can still ...

Discontinued App


NEW FEATURE: Now you can export QuickBooks time entries directly to any computer on your WiFi network using and web browser. Of course you can still export via email. ---------------------------- Bill It Lite is a free version of Bill It. It is exactly the same as Bill It except you are limited to 5 time entries. You can purchase full functionality from within Bill It Lite. This means that you do not have to repeat the setup and reenter data. ---------------------------- Are you a consultant or contractor using QuickBooks to bill your clients? Use Bill It to enter work time on the go, and stop double-entering it into QuickBooks! ENTER TIME ON THE GO Who wants to launch QuickBooks every time you need to record a time entry? Maybe QuickBooks is not even accessible to you at all times. But if you don’t enter your time frequently you will invariably forget and make mistakes. The result is inaccurate bills leading to embarrassing phone calls with clients. Bill It gives IPhone and IPod Touch users a hassle free way to enter time on the go. NO MORE DOUBLE ENTRY Double entering time is not just a hassle. It increases the chance of embarrassing billing errors. With Bill It, enter time during the course of the day and later, when it’s convenient, move it to QuickBooks. NOTABLE FEATURES * Track time by client and project (unlimited clients, unlimited projects per client) * Track time by QuickBooks Service Item to reflect your pricing for each project * Automated set-up. Import Clients, Projects, Service Items and Export Settings from QuickBooks to ensure complete and accurate setup. * Fast and easy time entry. * Break. You can specify a break for any time entry. Hours Worked = Stop Time - Start Time - Break * Fast and easy export. Tap a button to generate an IIF file containing all un-billed time entries. * Two ways to export. Send yourself an email or download via a web browser on any computer on your WiFi network. * In-app help screens guide you through setup and import/export process. * Complete control over time entry granularity. Set Bill It to bill by any time increment that is divisible by 60. Setting to a large increment makes time entry faster and easier. * Every time you launch Bill It, it takes you to where you were last time you exited. WHAT, NO TIMER? Timers seem like a slick feature, but they end up causing trouble. We have found that it’s easier to accurately remember when you start and stop work on a certain project and how long you took a break than it is to remember to start and stop a timer all throughout the day. If we hear from Bill It users that they would use a timer, we will consider adding it in the future.


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Version: 1.0.0005.3

Size: 5.82 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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