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Biobots Under Sea Rescue

Design an underwater rescue robot inspired by nature`s super animals. It is the grand opening of the Underwater Biobot Zoo - a collection of ...

Discontinued App


Design an underwater rescue robot inspired by nature’s super animals. It is the grand opening of the Underwater Biobot Zoo - a collection of mechanical animal robots created by a scientist - when a catastrophe strikes: an earthquake damages the underwater museum and visitors get stuck. You happen to be trapped in the scientist’s lab. Now, you have a mission! Study the database of the scientist records and design an underwater rescue robot to save the visitors! Work with your child to learn about different marine creatures such as the platypus, whale, pike, mussel, and squid, through videos and animations. Understand the adaptations that make each of them so unique: for instance, the whale has a very powerful tail that helps propel it forward, whereas the squid uses jet propulsion. The mussel has a hard shell that protects it whereas the pike is a master of camouflage. Help your child apply her learning by choosing the right combination of robotic systems (propulsion, defense, respiration, digestion and sensory) for the rescue mission. The final test of your design is in the Navigator section where your robot has to navigate predators and natural obstacles, while maintaining its energy and oxygen sources. Good luck on your mission! The app is based on the incredible illustrations of mechanical animals by John Kelly in the book, The Robot Zoo. The has been designed by a team of physicists, engineers, educators and artists. Iridescent, a science-education nonprofit has collaborated with Night and Day Studios to bring Biobot Under Sea rescue app to life.


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