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Have you every wished you could fly with the birds – now you finally can with the Bird Flight Live Wallpaper.This is the free ad supported version, ...

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Have you every wished you could fly with the birds – now you finally can with the Bird Flight Live Wallpaper.This is the free ad supported version, see details on footer.Bird Flight celebrates the wonder of birds, each species has a different name for it's flocking behaviour. One of the most stunning is a Murmuration of Starlings that appear at Dusk prior to migration months in Europe and North america.Like to a flock of birds, the flying days
Whirr in my ears, and leave no trace behind,
More than the swallow's through the cloven wind,
That shows not whence nor where her course she lays.
Between two mysteries, the narrow ways,
In which our fleeting moments are confined,
Lie through a night no vision can unbind,
No foot retrace, nor know to what it strays.
O God of love, I feel so weak and lone
Between these gulfs of darkness; reach thy hand,
And strike a fire within this heart of stone!
Give me an inner light that, like a brand,
May burn before me! Let thy dread command
Make plain the future; for the past is gone!
George Henry Boker
Now you can fly with the birds with this live wallpaper. The bird flock circles you by a lakeside moving at will. Touches on the home screen cause the birds to converge on a new point. Rotate around the 3D scene by dragging.Bird Flight Live Wallpaper comes with several settings. This free version includes settings for:
✓Light intensity
✓Camera Zoom
✓Number of birdsThe full version includes seven sky backgrounds of different weathers. Light intensity and camera zoom can be altered. The bird flock has the following settings:
✓Bird speed
✓Time spent in flock
✓Size of flock
✓Flock range
✓Flock height
✓Dive frequencyCelebrate the wonder of birds with this stunning live wallpaper.
✓ This is a live wallpaper not a game. ✓ This free version is ad supported (terms below), please check out the full version for more features and no ads.✓ After installation set this live wallpaper via the launcher icon of via your home screen wallpaper menu.✓ When updating setting click 'Set Wallpaper' - clicking back, home, task cancel will stop the wallpaper resulting in black screen.
Notes:† This free version uses Adsense, Airpush and TapContext banner and interstitial advertising. Please consider buying the full version if you don't like ads.
† This LWP uses Flurry analytics for usage tracking, no personal information is collected.


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Version: 1.0

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Recommended age: 9+

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