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BirdLog is the first and only mobile data app for quickly and easily recording and submitting your sightings directly into eBird from the field! Forget ...

Discontinued App


BirdLog is the first and only mobile data app for quickly and easily recording and submitting your sightings directly into eBird from the field! Forget about notebooks, pencils and sitting at your computer. Transform your bird sightings into eBird submissions to build your own lists while sharing your sightings and supporting conservation. You’ll enter more lists with BirdLog and enter them more accurately. It is easy to tally birds as you goâ€â€and thus counting them more accurately, automatically capturing the time and duration, and using the device’s GPS and map interface for greater precision of locations. BirdLog was developed by active eBird users as a power app for submitting data into eBird. If you are not already familiar with eBird, we recommend that you visit ebird.org and register before using BirdLog the first time. Here's what some birders are saying about BirdLog, the only app for directly submitting sightings into eBird from the field: “I enter more checklists simply because it’s so easy, and still have more free time at home. I’ve waited for in-the-field data entry for years,” Marshall Iliff, eBird Project Manager. “The ability to record real-time bird observations in the field and have them flow directly into the eBird database has huge implications, not just for birders and eBird, but for citizen-science in general,” Brian Sullivan, eBird Project Manager. “BirdLog is stunning in its simplicity and efficiency. I now enter my almost daily observations in the field with greater accuracy in time, date, and numbers,” Ohio eBirder. BirdsEye BirdLog is the exclusive mobile data entry app for eBird that allows you to: -- Plot the exact location of your sightings using your phone's GPS -- Easy 1 tap to increment species counts -- Create new personal locations or choose an existing hotspot or personal location for your checklist -- Create checklists even when there is no cell coverage for later submission to eBird -- Automatically keeps track of day and trip lists that you can email to yourself or friends -- Enter birds quickly and easily as you see them using bird codes or full names -- Scroll and review your checklist before submitting it BirdLog is a universal app for crystal-clear use on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Our company is committed to birds, the birding community and bird conservation. Every BirdLog purchase you make directly supports the eBird project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We think they’re worth itâ€â€now and for the future of birds and their habitats. This version covers Africa, including their associated islands and offshore waters. Our world version, called "BirdsEye BirdLog -- Worldwide" is available for birders who want world coverage. The advantage of the regional versions compared to the world version is that they are smaller and slightly faster because they do not need to juggle the full worldwide taxonomy, and because they offer a much shorter default list for use when creating a checklist offline.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.1

Size: 1.86 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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