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Birdees Sex Education

The first of its kind, Birdees is an interactive sexual education iPad App for parents and children from ages 2-8. Because sexuality is much more than ...

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The first of its kind, Birdees is an interactive sexual education iPad App for parents and children from ages 2-8. Because sexuality is much more than the "Birds and the Bees", Birdees goes beyond the "Facts of Life" and encompasses sexuality as a whole! Birdees was designed to take the stress out of teaching Sex Education, so that parents can feel confident in teaching their children what they should know in a lighthearted way in order to: protect them from abuse; teach them healthy body boundaries; learn about their bodies; healthy relationships; family diversity; self esteem; the rules of interacting with strangers and more... The engaging graphics, Touch points, Quizzes, Sound Effects and Voice Overs make learning fun for both parent and child! Start by creating a personalized Birdee avatar for your child(ren). The Tree of Knowledge will guide you through what they need to know. Let the interactive tools do the rest! iBody will help you teach your child the scientific names of their Private Parts, the differences between boys and girls body parts (both inside and out) and how those parts all work together. iGames/iActivities use games and scenarios to help your child identify Appropriate Behaviour, Appropriate Touching, Stranger Danger, How Babies are Made - and more. Beetriz the bee is a direct link to a sex educator, should you need additional support. Birdees is split into two modules one for children ages 2-5 years (Chickadee) and another for children 6-8 years (Pipit). Parts of each module are free, with the option to upgrade to the full version for either one Age group, or both. DON’T WAIT, START THE CONVERSATION TODAY! Children are bombarded with sexual with messages, many of which may conflict with your family values. Be the person your child comes to to translate these messages. Be the approachable parent!!! The combination of the information, interactive tools and direct access to a sex educator makes Birdees one of the most comprehensive resources available for Parents. Happy Parenting! The Birdees Family Have feedback? We want to hear what you have to say in order to provide you with the best product we possibly can. E-mail: mail@birdeesapp.com. IN THE NEWS: *****Birdees Sex Education App voted: App of the week March 3, 2013 San Francisco Chronicle: DecaPost , One News Page, Silo Breaker & SFGate, eWallstreeter & News Worth Sharing MetroNews***** WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: Great timing!***** Just the ticket for easily and clearly handling the difficult questions that the kids seem to be posing with ever increasing frequency these days ! There was such a vacuum before this came along...our friends with their own youngsters are all very impressed too. Amazing App! ***** I wasn't sure how to approach this with my daughters and this app broke through that tension. I couldn't believe some of the mistakes I was already making - thanks for helping me correct that with my young family. Recommending it to parents ***** This is a great app for children to learn from. The graphics and the lessons are engaging. Sex education is best when it's open and honest. Great job! I'll be recommending this to parents of my students. Thank You! ***** This is extremely helpful. As a father this is a subject matter I was nervous about broaching. My children are both under 5 so I know this conversation won't be necessary for awhile, but this app allows me to subtly introduce it to them early in a fun and interactive way. It will truly help make the tougher questions easier to broach down the road. Thank you! "Birdees is a life saver for parents and a gift to children. It's fun, light-hearted, and provides information critical to making smart sexual health decisions that last a lifetime." Saleema Noon B.A. M.A. Sexual Health Expert, Vancouver, B.C.


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