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NEWS!!! Birds Europe the Old World brother of Birds USA is in store now. WHAT IS THIS BIRD? Quickly start Birds USA on your shiny device, hold your ...

Discontinued App


NEWS!!! Birds Europe the Old World brother of Birds USA is in store now. WHAT IS THIS BIRD? Quickly start Birds USA on your shiny device, hold your breath, and a few seconds later you will get the answer: beautiful images, the bird's song, and the detailed multi-page description. Don't make any mistake: Birds USA is not just any bird guide, it's an INTELLIGENT one. First, it groups the 326 US birds currently in its database into 13 easily identifiable templates (waterbirds, birds of prey, waders, etc.). Second, it sorts the birds in each group according to the likelihood of observation for your state and the time of year using US data compiled over the last 10 years. This way you'll always see the most common birds first and the least common - last. Scroll through the list of thumbnails (orange bars show the likelihood of observation), and choose the one that matches your bird the best. You'll see the set of 3 higher resolution images: male, female, juvenile, if the sexual/age dimorphism is an important factor. Listen to the bird's song (currently, for 150 most common birds) or read the detailed description adapted from Wikipedia (no Internet connection needed). The state and date setter screen is presented at startup in case you need to change the settings. You only need to specify your state once, the application will remember it for a future reference. If you happen to be in a different state, then set the application to you new state manually. Not all devices have GPS, it slows the application startup, and is energy consuming. The month and week are set automatically, based on your system date and time. To search for a specific bird, either within a group or through the whole database (ALL group), sort the birds by name and use the index on the right-hand side of the screen to jump to the particular letter. You can also sort the birds by family, if you know to what family your bird belongs. Birds USA also gives you the ultimate solution: learn your birds instead of using the guide. There are 5 quizzes to help you: images, songs, binomial (scientific) names, vernacular family names, scientific family names. Each quiz has 3 difficulty levels covering the range from the most common to the least common birds, based on your state and the time of year. Last, but not least, despite all its rich features, Birds USA is a very compact application that is not going to burn a hole in you iPod/iPhone memory! So what are you waiting for? Get Birds USA while the supply lasts and get your birds sorted out once and for all! NEWS!!! Birds Europe the Old World brother of Birds USA is in store now. FEATURES: * 326 most common US birds, 100 most common birds in your state (except Hawaii) guaranteed. The chances of ever observing a bird not covered by Birds USA are rather slim. * Nearly 1000 beautiful images, 150 songs for the most common birds, exhaustive information on every bird in the database. * A fast two-step search based on common templates and the likelihood of observation. * Sort the birds based on the likelihood, the name, or the family. * 5 quizzes: images, songs, binomial names, vernacular families, scientific families. * 3 difficulty levels for each quiz: Easy (most common birds, 25% of the database), Medium (common birds, 50% of the database), Hard (the whole database). * Beautiful design: enjoy your birds on iPod/iPhone!


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Version: 1.2

Size: 36.48 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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