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BiteSizeGuitar – Teaching you the skills you need to play the music you love. ‘Getting Started` provides 22 carefully selected video guitar ...

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BiteSizeGuitar - Teaching you the skills you need to play the music you love. ‘Getting Started’ provides 22 carefully selected video guitar lessons that target the basic skills needed to start playing some of the best known songs out there. With our much enjoyed free lessons on how to play classic rock, blues and acoustic songs available on our website and YouTube™ channel, ‘Getting Started’ provides you with many of the basic techniques you’ll need to master these songs for yourself. Teaching is by Ainsley Stones, a professional musician and fully qualified RGT-registered guitar tutor. (Check out his amazing solos on YouTube!) With over 15 years experience of teaching the guitar, each lesson has been crafted with the needs of the beginner in mind. The lessons can also provide reminders of the foundations for players with more experience. Lessons include: Easy Chords for Players Getting Started Open String Seventh Chords for that Bluesy funkyness Power Chords - It’s time to Rock! Shapes used by all the greats.. Getting Started with Strumming Rhythms Suspended Chords for that classic pop sound Easy Chord Picking Patterns Getting Started with Fingerpicking - Electric guitarists: Don’t be afraid! give it a try… Getting Started with 12-Bar Blues - An arrangement every guitarist should know! Plus Manual Guitar Tuning Methods And Many More! The high quality video lessons are all available within the app so no internet connection is required to watch them, great for those who like to play their guitars outdoors! Alongside most lessons there is also a guitar tab to refer to when playing along and practicing. With our BiteSize Lessons you can leave Kumbaya behind and quickly learn the skills you need to play the music you love.


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