Have you ever found yourself waiting around time after time, longer and longer every time you try to dine out, well so have we! That is why we welcome ...

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Have you ever found yourself waiting around time after time, longer and longer every time you try to dine out, well so have we! That is why we welcome you to BiteTime. BiteTime has been created to help customers get a more accurate, real time understanding of a restaurants wait times before leaving your home, taking out or receiving a delivery. As a restaurant owner and creator of the application, I understand how important and invaluable a customers time is. Waiting around for a table, sitting around waiting for take out to be complete or a 2 hour delivery time is something you would want to know before its to late. BiteTime allows you to do just that! Bundled into this great application you will be able to find out a restaurants real timetable in the formats of Dine In, Take Out and Delivery (Participating NY, NY, CT Restaurants Only). There is a Best Bet option which tells you the restaurants suggestion at any given time if they feel delivery is a better bet than take out, or vice versa. The Best Bite feature will give you the restaurants signature dish, making it a little easier to decide when ordering. The BiteTime page allows you to one touch dial the restaurant, check menus, review photos, and much more. Plan on staying in and cooking your self dinner, try one of our many do it yourself videos, including step by step instructions to create that perfect cuisine. We also threw in a cooking timer to keep track of time when cooking a home. Below are a list of fully functional features you will find bundled into this great free app. 1. States Include NY, NJ & CT 2. 13 Cuisine Categories: Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Seafood, Spanish, Steakhouse, Sushi, Thai, Vegetarian 3. BiteTime - Dine In, Take-Out, Delivery 4. Best Bet - This will allow the restaurant to tell you if they feel take out is a shorter wait time than dine in. Then the choice is yours. 5.Best Bite- Signature Dishes 6 How-To Cooking Videos. 7.Fun While You Wait Games Include - A test your knowledge Fun Food Quiz, Photo Editor with many edit tools, and Paint 8. A cooking timer for those at home cooking days. Never burn or forget the food is in the oven again. 9. Notes Section - Create with Audio, Text Notes or both. This will allow you to capture take out notes without looking for a pen an paper. Record and play back your notes or read them in text format. 10.Add your favorite restaurants contact info from the app directly to your contacts. Never search the web for that number again. 11. Client Login 12. Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter 13. Share with Friends and much more... Disclaimer: All information provided in the restaurant page of the mobile application has been updated and inputted by the individual restaurant owners and by no way represent BiteTime, LLC. BiteTime, LLC, only provides the mobile platform to enter data.


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Developed by RRC

Day of release: 2012-12-10

Recommended age: 4+

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