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BizForms acts as a stepping stone for companies seeking to create more efficient, sustainable and personable work environments. Phasing out paper-based ...

Discontinued App


BizForms acts as a stepping stone for companies seeking to create more efficient, sustainable and personable work environments. Phasing out paper-based systems by electronically converting the traditional clipboard and pen, breaks the chain which has previously kept employees ‘shackled’ to their desk. BizForms was developed around an ideology emphasising flexibility, promoting functionality, whilst revolving around the key element of our product’s success - SIMPLICITY! This application is a new age work essential, a portable, virtual office, accessible from your smart device, anywhere in the world. Easily manage day-to-day tasks, to get those jobs done, wherever, whenever, by whomever, so things keep moving, for you and your customer. Access to documentation in today’s working environment is paramount. Businesses are becoming geographically dispersed as they expand their operations, making the need to be connected electronically more evident than ever before. Through advancements in technology and the snowballing buy-in of cloud computing, the environment of the ‘traditional office’ we once worked in is now changing at an alarming rate. Mobility is no longer an option for business, but a requirement for existence and continued growth. Features - Select ready-to-go templates from the BizForms Library covering a diverse range of industries - Build and deploy your own forms using the BizForms Builder or edit an existing template - Mandatory Fields - Ensure users capture all information before a form can be submitted - No more incomplete documentation! - Smart Tables - Increases the amount of information which can be displayed on a form - Options are endless - Auto Calculation Fields - Allows for the calculation of man hours, measurements, lineal metres, tonnage, square metres, currencies etc. - Exportable Data - Form information can be exported into back-end systems or Excel documents for smaller companies or single users - Signatures - Capture as many signatories as required. Sign with your finger or a stylus. - Photos/Images - Attach as many photos to a form as required from your device or camera - Include time stamps, annotations, measurements, text etc. - Acknowledgements and Disclaimers - Declaration by users to ensure a specific clause has been acknowledged - Universal Search Function - Locate documentation quickly, email, copy or save to your device so it can be shared immediately - Notifications - Receive alerts for form submissions, approvals, rejections or if a certain action needs to be completed - Stay up to date and on top of your workload! - Generate User Reports - Attach vital information, accreditation, images of certifications etc. - Intuitive - Set predefined responses to questions to allow for reporting and identifying key performance indicators


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Version: 1.2.2

Size: 17.41 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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