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Black Belt Recorder Lite

Black Belt Recorder is one of the most popular recorder learning methods in the world. It`s now here on iPad! Note: This ‘Lite` version ...

Discontinued App


Black Belt Recorder is one of the most popular recorder learning methods in the world. It’s now here on iPad! Note: This ‘Lite’ version has many of these features disabled but will allow you to see a lot of what you will get in ‘Black Belt Recorder’. This is a fully interactive and exciting way to learn to play the descant or soprano recorder. New notes, new rhythms, symbols, articulation, finger posture, breath control and even automatic TESTING and GRADUATION are included. This is the first level: White Belt! It includes: New notes - B, A, G New songs - 1. Taa-aa-aa-aa Samba (fast and super slow scrolling versions) 2. Taa-aa Mambo (slow and fast versions) 3. Hot Cross Ending (slow, fast and test versions) 4. Radical Rest (slow, fast and test versions) 5. ‘B’ is My First Note (slow and fast versions) 6. Next is ‘A’ (slow and fast versions) 7. Mary Had a Little Lamb (slow, fast and test versions) Also includes extra pages for your enjoyment and development: Note Draw - for decorating your favorite note; Interactive Fingering Chart - for turning the angle of the recorder and showing most of the note positions; Symbol Game - a fun way to learn all your notes, rest and more; Note Jumper - to learn your first difficult fingering interval; Recorder Parts - slide the names of the recorder parts to the right place; and much more. How awesome is this? The application actually TESTS you. When you play along with the test versions of the required songs, it will give you a score out of 100%. If you get over 90% you will receive a star. Other stars are awarded for various our parts of the program. Once you have all 15 stars, you will GRADUATE and become a Yellow Belt student. The Yellow Belt stage will be available soon as an in application purchase. To add even more fun you will be applauded went you get things right, sprinkled with confetti when your succeed, honored with fireworks when you win, visited by impersonated characters when you take too long, win stars when you achieved, and last but not least be GRADUATED by Recorder Man and his impersonations of famous characters. There is also a deluxe version of this application that includes a super slow scrolling version of every song. See ‘Black Belt Recorder Deluxe’.


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Version: 1.2

Size: 62.11 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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