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OptionIX is designed to calculate the fair values of call/put options based on the Nobel prize winning 'Black Scholes Option Pricing Model'. It can be ...

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OptionIX is designed to calculate the fair values of call/put options based on the Nobel prize winning 'Black Scholes Option Pricing Model'. It can be used for both European and American Options. OptionIX calculates the fair value as your finger moves on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch(that's right, fair value is calculated instantly as you touch the screen, there is neither "enter" nor "=" button). You can easily change the inputs either by typing new inputs, moving the slider (for volatility only), or touching the green bar (for exercise price only). A graphic simulation is created to show the impact on fair values when volatility changes while all others remain unchanged, and the simulation is also animated when you tap the clock button at the bottom right corner (tap the clock again will stop the animation). Historical volatility calculating service has been added. OptionIX calculate historical volatilities automatically for any stock over any periods at any date (measurement date). A Volatility Summary Report is generated for each calculation and can be emailed to your designated email address. Volatility is the standard deviation of the continuously compounded rates of return of stock over the measurement term. There are 5 inputs to be specified: 1. Stock symbol - be sure it's available on Yahoo Finance; 2. Measurement term in years; 3. Measurement date, normally a date when stock market is open; 4. Price type: adj close, open, close, high, or low; 5. Price time interval: daily, weekly or monthly. The calculated volatility is identical to what's computed by Option123 or OptionX software, except that some rounding difference may exist. Do not trade solely based on fair value/volatility calculated by OptionIX. No warranty whatsoever is provided by OptionIX or Option123 which in no event shall be liable for any losses/damages that may be resulted from using OptionIX either directly or indirectly. A link to the Internet is also added. Please visit for more help.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.2

Size: 114.36 KB


Price: 4,23 €

Developed by Syxrus

Day of release: 2010-06-7

Recommended age: 17+

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