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Blackjack Mind

Blackjack Mind, the most sophisticated card count teaching app, sets you off on a journey to discover the secrets and tenacity of card counting. Used ...

Discontinued App


Blackjack Mind, the most sophisticated card count teaching app, sets you off on a journey to discover the secrets and tenacity of card counting. Used in Blackjack games to tip the statistical balance to the player, card counting has numerous additional benefits. It will help you tone your visual memory and facilitate better focus. It is a very entertaining and challenging way to spend that sparse free time and public commute, all while improving your own mind. This application provides a user platform to learn, count, and analyze your progress. It will motivate you with high scores and achievements for the taking. It will provide you with detailed analysis of which cards you get incorrect and if you’re improving recently compared to your normal performance. It will provide you with the Basic Strategy, the optimal way to play Blackjack given any hand for various configurations. All this for any of the common counting methods available! Content: -Learning Section, to study and understand the concepts of card counting -Counting Section, counting practice and progression. Automatically adjusts difficulty to match your current performance. -Different dealing techniques aiming to optimize the flexibility of your counting: Line Dealer (visual memory), Stack Dealer (immediate imprint), and Game Dealer (Blackjack rounds). -Analysis Section, analyses cards you’ve received over time and provides suggestions as to how to improve your counting performance. -Choose from any of the common counting systems, including: Hi-Lo, KO, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, Omega II, Zen Count, and Wizard Ace/Five. -Achievements, will you be able to get them all? -High scores, can you reach the top? -Hard challenges that never end, how far will you go? Features: -OpenFeint support for online score-keeping, achievements, and community! -Progress feedback, directly informs you of incorrect answers with card history and count correlation. -Visually beautiful graphics and sound -Supports multiple users. -Adjust your own difficulty and settings, remembered for each user. -Intuitive controls and rational interface: Just count! -Experience significant progress from just minutes-brief sessions. Play a game - Entertain yourself for a day. Teach yourself card counting - Entertain yourself for a lifetime! Note: Teaching yourself card counting and card counting in your head while at a casino is a legal activity. It is however often illegal to use an active external device to do the counting for you while playing. Blackjack Mind teaches you how to count without the need for external devices and is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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