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Blighty: Animation English Words

***** A Great way to Learn English Words Anywhere. Specially designed for the iPhone & iPad. This is a great way to Learn English. ***** This application ...

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***** A Great way to Learn English Words Anywhere. Specially designed for the iPhone & iPad. This is a great way to Learn English. ***** This application offers 4 FREE fun animated videos in each of the 26 Categories. Thats a total of 104 completely FREE Animated Video's to help to learn English. You can learn almost anywhere, Blighty Animation English Words is designed to help you or your child Learn new English words and build a great vocabulary in no time. Small fun animated videos help you to memorize new English words anywhere. This application is PACKED full of fun Animated Video's to help you too Memorize English words. 8 different Categories with a total of 1,227 new words. Each Animated Video is approx 20 to 30 seconds long containing:- 1. Audio Speaks the word in English and Text Displays the word in English 2. Audio Speaks the word in Chinese and Text Displays the word in Chinese Characters 3. Audio Speaks the word in a Sentence in English and Text Displays the word in a Sentence in English 4. Audio & Text Repeats the Sentence in English 5. Audio Speaks the Sentence in Chinese and displays the Sentence in Chinese Characters 6. Audio Speaks the word in a Sentence in English and displays the word in a Sentence in English 7. A short video to Explain the Sentence or Word. These short animation make it fun too learn new words, memorize the words and build your vocabulary . EATING - Contains a Total of 55 Words & Sentences 1. Name of the food. 26 2. Name of the drinks and wine. 10 3. Vegetables and fruits. 19 WEARING - Contains a Total of 416 Words & Sentences 1. Clothes and accessories. 34 2. Daily action 1. 80 3. Daily action 2. 90 4. Daily action 3. 75 5. Emotion and state. 137 LIVING - Contains a Total of 61 Words & Sentences 1. My home (Courtyard, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room and Bathroom). 61 TRAVELING - Contains a Total of 103 Words & Sentences 1. Traffic and communication. 24 2. Location vocabulary. 42 3. The weather and seasons. 16 4. Public place. 21 LEARNING - Contains a Total of 205 Words & Sentences 1. School and classrooms. 54 2. Learning tool. 37 3. Time and amount. 114 ENTERTAINMENT - Contains a Total of 66 Words & Sentences 1. Sports fitness. 43 2. Holidays. 23 ENCYCLOPEDIA - Contains a Total of 172 Words & Sentences 1. Human organs. 24 2. Character name. 62 3. The nature. 74 4. The name of the country. 12 DICTIONARY - Contains a Total of 149 Words & Sentences 1. Pronoun. 52 2. Article. 3 3. Conjunctions. 15 4. Others. 79 FOR PARENTS: 1. After downloading Blighty Animation English Words you have 4 FUN animated video's FREE. To access more content, please do so in the in-app purchase section. 2. Blighty Animation English Words offers a total of 1227 FUN animated video's for a great price. A packed and fun app to assist you to Memorize New English Words using fun Animated Video's. ********** DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR OTHER EXCITING APPS! CONTACT US: blightystudio@gmail.com VIST US: www.blightystudio.com FOLLOW US: www.twitter.com/blightystudio LIKE US: www.facebook.com/blightystudio WATCH US: www.youtube.com/blightystudio Your 5 Star Ratings keep us developing other great and fun apps. *********** Don't wait, start have fun while learning with Blighty:Animation English Words now.


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Version: 2.1

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Developed by Blighty Studio

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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