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Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas

Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas app allows managers to capture the competitive position of their company, as well as to create and communicate a new differentiated ...

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Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas app allows managers to capture the competitive position of their company, as well as to create and communicate a new differentiated strategy (value proposition) to stakeholders, all in a powerful visual format. Blue Ocean Strategy® is a strategy theory and an innovation process with tools created by INSEAD professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. This approach is used worldwide by companies and governments to unlock new sources of profitable growth, following the value innovation® principles. Creating a new canvas The users can create new canvases or start from editing existing ones from the projects gallery. The first step is to create the “As-Is” strategy canvas by plotting the key competitive factors (KCFs) of your company’s offering relative to the competition, the resulting value curves reflecting your industry’s competitive landscape (your value proposition versus your competition). The values are given on a scale from 0 to 5, 0 being for a non-existent factor, 1 for the lowest value offered, 3 for average and 5 for the highest). The price needs to be always plotted the first and the different logic is that in this case the number reflects the actual price (the higher the value, the higher the price). Editing a canvas Since the Blue Ocean Strategy formulation process is non-linear, the app allows users to come back to their assumptions and make changes related to the competitors, the key competing factors and their relative values in a very simple way. Creating a new strategy The “To-Be” strategy canvas is your future strategy. At this stage, users start from the “As-Is” value curve of their offering and change the relative value of the key competitive factors, as well as create new ones. These “Eliminate - Reduce - Raise - Create” decisions are reflected by the app by having the option of reordering the KCFs in ascending order of the “To-Be” and by applying the ERRC visual help. While the “To-Be” could be simply your envisaged future strategy, in Blue Ocean Strategy formulation this step is the result of other analytical and creative steps (for which we will develop the next digital tools) along the innovation process. Communicating your strategy The ideal environment for using this app is a strategy meeting or workshop. You and your team could either work directly around the screen projection of the app or you can simply use it to capture the final decisions related to “As-Is” and “To-Be”. The app presents a simple “Send by email” feature which allows the recipient to print the .jpeg document or to easily integrate it in a PowerPoint presentation or other means for communication. Help Although it is advisable that users have at least a basic knowledge of Blue Ocean Strategy, our Help section will guide them through using the app and will explain the basic underlying principles of Blue Ocean Strategy formulation process.


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