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Body Image is an advanced tool for Professional Personal Trainers to track their clients' performance, progress and the visual improvement of their appearance ...

Discontinued App


Body Image is an advanced tool for Professional Personal Trainers to track their clients' performance, progress and the visual improvement of their appearance over time. Body Image allows daily measurements to be taken for each client including an unlimited number of photos to document the visual improvement each client is making. Body Image captures all physical metrics in either Standard Imperial or Metric system (changed via the "Settings" tab within the app). Each day's "Progress Report" may be immediately emailed to the client (or anyone else that they wish) allowing them keep their own records of their progress. You may link each client record to a Contact in your iOS Address Book to facilitate the rapid addressing of emails to the client. Photos may also be emailed and under iOS 6, all of the new Sharing options are also available for photos (Facebook, etc.). Body Image also allows for the creation of a custom conditioning routine(s) for each client with the ability to record performance results for each day's session. Body Image ships with an extensive downloadable conditioning library accessible via the Internet (Wi-Fi or Cellular access required). Sports conditioning as well as goal-focused preconfigured conditioning regimes will get you started on building your own powerful library for your clients. More built-in regimes are planned for future releases of the App. Premium content is planned for purchase within the App in a future release as well. Body Image also allows you to save your own conditioning regimes into named saves allowing you to build your own library of great conditioning routines and regimes to help drive your clients to perfection! You may store as many regimes as your wish and Body Image allows you to set the Group and Category naming elements to help you organize and retrieve your regimes quickly. You may also enter a lengthy (or short) descriptive paragraph about each regime to be saved. To insert a named save into a client's personal conditioning plan, is a simple operation that takes just seconds. There is also a unnamed save / retrieve function that works just like copy/paste in any word processing program. Body Image has many Help features built in to the app to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Finally, the designers of Body Image have had long experience in building user interfaces that really work for the user in the environment that the App is to be used. For that reason, Body Image incorporates the most advanced, rapid-entry interface ever developed to enter the numeric values that dominate the data gathering for this App. Using a variable-rate-of-change Slider control in combination with a variable scale for the Slider control, Body Image will help you get your data entered MUCH faster than any keyboard-based user interface could ever get it done. Your purchase of Body Image will allow the use on all iOS devices activated to the same Apple ID so club owners can purchase Body Image once and install it on all of the club's iOS devices. NEW FEATURE: Dropboxâ„¢ integration. Now you can backup and restore your application data and photos to Dropboxâ„¢ NEW FEATURE: Body Image also integrates Apple's great calendar capability into this App, allow you to quickly set appointments and with iCloud calendars enabled, synchronize all appointment information across all AppleID-linked devices. NEW FEATURE: Body Image has built-in quick and practical tools to make you more efficient when you need to contact your clients. With the new "Actions" button for your client linked to your Address Book, you can start phone calls, SMS texting, send emails, even start FaceTime calls with any of our linked clients at a touch of a button. With all these features, you must buy Body Image and take your relationship with your clients to a new level. Write to us at info@nexus-core.com and we will promptly respond.


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Version: 2.1.6

Size: 30.61 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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