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Body Laser System

Millions of users can`t be wrong. Healyourself.biz • Learn the Body Laser System. • Be independent of others. • Save money. • Download ...

Discontinued App


Millions of users can’t be wrong. Healyourself.biz - Learn the Body Laser System. - Be independent of others. - Save money. - Download the App today and heal yourself tomorrow. Body laser system For centuries monks in India and Nepal have found a secret of way to stay healthy and recover from illness and diseases by allowing the body to heal itself. Martin Blynov for the first time is bringing these secrets to you in the form of Apps for your I phones/I touch. This revolutionary App is called Body Laser System or BLS. BLS tells you how the body can heal itself from various diseased and illness. BLS is based on leading acupuncture healing system and the philosophy behind The Secret Law of Attraction etc. BLS helps you to change the location of the chakras, and remove any energy blockages in the body. In human body there are 7 chakras which are believed to be centers of the body from which a person can collect energy, these chakras are usually not open or some are overactive, BLS helps to balance these chakras. It restores imbalance in soul, mind and body in one. This revolutionary app tells you in a step by step manner not only how to heal the body itself but also brings back the vigor and makes your mind active resulting in happiness and a better quality of life. The Body Laser System app can be downloaded on Iphone/I touch. Once downloaded this app will not only be your guide to good health but will also be your friend. It will cure and prevent you from various diseases. Don’t waste anymore time get this app and live a life without worries from physical as well as metaphysical problems. The Body Laser System app can be downloaded for free on your iPhone, iPad etc. Please bear in mind that all treatments are at your own risk and you may contact the company with any questions, concerns or comments through their email support. Criticism of healyourself.biz, Body Laser System, etc. If you encounter criticism of healyourself.biz, etc., then healyourself.biz wishes to appeal to your common sense, and ask you to check the sender, as there are many who make money on you having poor health. Furthermore, for some people, it would be almost impossible to get perfect health unless they change their lifestyle etc. healyourself.biz does not make money on you getting perfect health - healyourself.biz shows you the way with Body Laser System. All human beings with access to the internet can acquire healyourself.biz App for free. Its free - so just give it a try. Best regards healyourself.biz


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Version: 2.0.5

Size: 7.72 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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