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Book&Dic-Obama Speeches(English)

★ Obama Speech + Dictionary + Game + MP3 + Video = Book&Dic Obama ★ Includes the full text of speeches and a built-in voice MP3 + Video link. As someone ...

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★ Obama Speech + Dictionary + Game + MP3 + Video = Book&Dic Obama ★ Includes the full text of speeches and a built-in voice MP3 + Video link. As someone says the speech gave Obama the presidency, Obama’s speech has a power delivering clear message with literary grace. Also, Obama’s speech for the public is written in simple and plain language, so it provides a good learning opportunity to English learners. And it contains various topics and claims on contemporary issues in American society such as global warming, elimination of poverty, unemployment and race problem, education policy and medical policy, so you can obtain knowledgeable information on all sorts of international issues by just reading and listening to his speech. 'Book&Dic-Obama speech' includes the full text of the total of 47 Obama’s brilliant speeches from 2004 to 2010 such as presidential announcement speech, US election victory speech, and Nobel Peace Prize speech. In addition, it provides his voice and videos to make you feel the touching speech as it is. You don’t need to consult a lexicon even if you do not know a word while reading his speech. Just touch the word. You can interpret the speech without difficulty since Book&Dic will find the meaning and show it immediately. If you need to memorize words, add them to the vocabulary. You can learn and increase your vocabulary through flash card, multiple-choice, word matching, and hangman games. Simply read and hear 'Book&Dic-Obama speech', the speech of Obama called the best orator in this era, and improve your English. [Characteristics & Function] - It includes the full text of 47 speeches and a built-in voice MP3. - You can appreciate video easily with its video link function. - It provides interpretation on words with the built-in dictionary by just touching the text. - It provides reading options for easy reading (theme, pont etc.) - You can learn English by adding unknown words on to the vocabulary and playing word games. - You can search words through a web-dictionary in case that these are not looked up in the built-in dictionary. - It provides the total of 4 word games (flash card, hangman, multiple-choice, and word matching).


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