« All textbook info gets uploaded to» Being a student these days, in any country and at any school, expenses tend ...

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« All textbook info gets uploaded to» Being a student these days, in any country and at any school, expenses tend to add up really fast. One of the biggest, yet often unaccounted for expenses is that which relates to required textbooks for a school year. However, what many students may fail to realize is that this expense can be undone for the most part by selling off textbooks that are no longer needed. This may seem relatively easy, but it's not. Most if not all university / college bookstores will sell your books for you, but they take a large cut off the top. Hardly a fair deal! That's where BookBasketer comes into the picture. With it's intuitive user interface, and logical principle, it could very well change the way students sell textbooks. What is that principle? That the best way to get the highest possible price, while also helping someone out, is to sell among peers. This way room for bargaining is at a maximum and the opportunity to purchase books at a lower price is high as well. How does BookBasketer bring about an improved way to sell books? Here are the key features: - Record and track up to 8 textbooks - Keep a tab on how much you paid for each book, as well as the total expense for all books - Use iOS 5's Twitter functionality to tweet about a book you want to sell, so all your friends can see - Email a full Expense Report to anyone you choose - Send a book's info directly as an SMS/iMessage to your friends or colleagues (compatible devices) - Upload your textbooks' info to a blog for a centralized selling point - Need books at a discounted price? Check the blog for uploads by other BookBasketer users!


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Version: 1.0.5

Size: 5.83 MB


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Developed by Hanley Solid Solutions

Day of release: 2012-01-3

Recommended age: 4+

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