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A comprehensive training app to study pronunciation of Chinese characters(Pinyin). Whether you`re a novice or an expert you`ll enjoy using ...

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A comprehensive training app to study pronunciation of Chinese characters(Pinyin). Whether you’re a novice or an expert you’ll enjoy using this app. This app contains more than 3,200 Chinese characters, pronunciation and sample phrases. Using flash cards, You can test your knowledge of Chinese characters pronunciation. Chinese characters are divided into 17 Levels. These levels adopted with HSK (Official Chinese Test by PRC)’s level. So you can choose any level you want to start studying, and also you can check your chinese level. If you want to memory some characters to remind, you can use “bookmarks” function. While you are studying, You can bookmark characters at any time. If you use “bookmarks study” mode, you can study these characters you want to remind especially. This app contains search Chinese character function too. Using iPhone/iPod touch built-in hand writing method, you can study “unknown” pronunciation of chinese characters. Of course you can bookmark characters to study in this search function. Cool! This app’s functions: Level Study: Study Chinese characters step by step.
The app will show the character you have not answered correctly. Random Study:Try your knowledge of Chinese characters at random. Bookmark Study:Study your bookmarked characters. Search:Search chinese characters with pronunciation or Chinese character. Bookmark:Your bookmarked characters list. Study Result List:You can check your study milestone. You can also use this app in Japanese, Chinese(Simplified). No Internet access required. you can study at anytime anywhere! Note: To use the Chinese input method, you have to enable the Chinese keyboards on your iPhone : Settings > General > International > Keyboards > Chinese (Simplified). Chinese characters is cornerstone of studying chinese process. Dedicate just a few minutes a day, and you’ll learn the ability to communication with Chinese people! --------------------------------- Dictionary data was provided by CC-CEDIT project. Thanks!


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