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What kind of leader are you? We learn basics for our emotional abilities by imitating our parents. The relationships in our childhood family stay in ...

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What kind of leader are you? We learn basics for our emotional abilities by imitating our parents. The relationships in our childhood family stay in us as behavioural patterns. They form a structure which can be called archetypal personalities. This app delves deep into the Jungian philosophy of archetypal ideas and behaviour. The family relationships are also mirrored in mythic stories and fairy tales. So, the same patterns can be seen in mythic gods and goddesses and in folklore. Thus, the family dramas of Greek Olympia are played inside us. The same dramas are also played in the relationships inside companies and different societies. Applying this test you can find how important role the different behavioural patterns are playing in your life. In reality we very seldom make conscious decisions. We just behave in a way we are used to behave. We do not decide to lose our temper. It can just happen to us. We can not decide our emotions nor chose our personal ways of behaving. Archetypes can be seen as unconscious powers in us. They are like programs which condense and convert the incoming information into an instinctive mould or a pattern of action. The archetypal structures get their power in our childhood family. By imitating mother we get an ability to be a mother. By imitating father we can learn to behave like father. By imitating sisters and brothers and playing with them we get our ability to be with friends and colleagues. The archetypes of sister and brother will also guide us towards communal love, sister/brotherhood and friendship. Relationships in childhood family are also mirrored to work community. Some are behaving like mother or like father and some are like children in different positions. The family is the only place for a child to grow up. When we grow up amidst the familial archetypes the needed independence cannot be found until we separate ourselves from the family. Therefore we need also archetypes which guide us to find our own way of life. Otherwise we do not get fulfilment in our life. Thus, we need also cultural models or archetypes which help us to behave like independent adults. They appear in mythic stories as a male guide and hermit for men and as a wise woman and strong woman for women. These help us to be good leaders and help to find real, unselfish love. Archetypes are important in emotional abilities, especially in relationships. For example, if you are strong in father or mother archetypes you can start to dominate others without respecting them. When you are strong in sister or/and brother archetypes you may start to compete. Any of this kind of archetypes is not good leaders, not good in marital relationships either. You can study more about these things by getting book: Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams by Olavi Moilanen, PhD (Atophill Publishing 2009 ª ISBN 978-1-929956-15-9 ª 448 pages) in bookstores, also HYPERLINK "http://www.amazon.com/" Amazons' bookstore. The test is planned by PhD Olavi Moilanen. For more information look page: Olavi Moilanen FEATURES: - Questionnaire for archetypal personality test - By doing this test you will know: 1. What kind of leader are you? 2. What are your basic archetypes? 3. What kind of personality are you - what are your best and worst qualities in leading others or your employees? 4. What kind of conscious and unconscious patterns are commanding inside you? 5. What kind of relationship models from your childhood family are still acting strong inside you? 6. What is your ability to love? By comparing your results with the results of your partner you can find the possible problems in work and also in your love relationships.


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