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Mobile: Works anywhere. Think about how much more productive you can be when you cut the tether to your desk. Now all the information you need is filled ...

Discontinued App


Mobile: Works anywhere. Think about how much more productive you can be when you cut the tether to your desk. Now all the information you need is filled in by your crew bosses in real time on their mobile devices. With our ultra-intuitive, easy to understand app, any member of your team can go mobile - imagine keeping tabs on your company from anywhere in the world! Instant: Manage your crews and their work in real time. GPS Tracking is essential. Each check-in or check-out time and each photo is stamped with a forge-proof location, providing real time mapping. Rest easy knowing that your contractors are where they’re supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to. “Real-time” is the only effective way to compete in today’s market. With our flexible and easy to use app you can now quickly and intelligently adapt to the ever-changing conditions of your business. How do you manage crews and work in real time? Boss Wiz Mobile provides your crew boss with a list of all available workers. If a new worker shows up then the Supervisor can instantly add them to the system. In addition, a worker’s timer is stopped if they start work at a new site, ensuring that no one can be in two places at once. Supervisors also have the ability to keep track of crews at multiple sites simultaneously - they are not limited to managing one site at a time. Through Bosswiz’s innovative technology you can change crew workloads in real time to meet the priorities on the ground. Never look through a pile of paper again. Get a clear picture of what happened on site and remove the headache of digging through messy paperwork. With Bosswiz, you can generate full reports including pictures, crew on site, times, work performed and more. Bosswiz offers three simple ways to track work: Time Clocks. With a simple touch of the screen, crew bosses can turn a worker’s time on and off. It’s faster than scratching something on a piece of paper…which means your crew bosses will actually use it. Work Checklists. Crew bosses can easily touch the screen to check off all completed items, and even add personal comments to any item on a list. Photos. Your crew bosses can now take and instantly upload pictures of all the work completed to that client’s file. By capturing worker times, completed work and photos, all the information required to produce invoices, run payroll and create critical reports (including slip and fall reports) is available. Respond to your clients in minutes instead of hours or days. With this information literally available at the touch of a button, why would you ever use paper again? Save paper. Save Time. Save MONEY. Safe Guards: Liability is the biggest concern in our industry today! Our industry-leading reports empowers you and your clients with accurate ground information, making the risk of slip and fall lawsuits a thing of the past. With our ground reports we put the facts on your side allowing for claims to be dealt with quickly and accurately. You're Not A Lawyer. Our ground reports can provide you with accurate information of what was done and when with each of your locations. Bosswiz immediately gives you the information you require to deal with frivolous lawsuits so that you can focus on what’s important, running your business. Bosswiz's innovative technology instantly produces a report that shows you who was on-site, when they were there, what work they reported doing, and pictures of the work. All this information lends a huge amount of credibility to you and your organization. Our app collects the most accurate and timely ground data possible. With this information at your fingertips you will spend less time in the field, meeting with crew members, and sorting through paper work reports and more time fine tuning your business.


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