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Boundless is better than your assigned textbook. Download Boundless and ditch your expensive, heavy textbooks. Before you go to the bookstore, check Boundless ...

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Boundless is better than your assigned textbook. Download Boundless and ditch your expensive, heavy textbooks. Before you go to the bookstore, check Boundless to see if we’ve got a Boundless alternative that will save you money, help you study better, and let you use your iPhone and iPad to learn more. Boundless alternatives are aligned at the chapter-level to leading textbooks in the field, but do not copy any content from them. Boundless also empowers educators to engage their students more effectively through customizable books and intuitive teaching aids as part of the Boundless Teaching Platform. The Boundless Teaching Platform is a free tool that allows educators to customize Boundless content to their syllabi and view statistics on how students are engaging with course materials. It also includes teaching aids such as lecture slides and quizzes. Boundless Features ● Textbook Alternative: You can use Boundless instead of the expensive textbook assigned to you by your professor. Search for the Boundless alternative to your assigned textbook to save money and learn better! ● Read Anywhere: Boundless is available on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer. Now you can study from anywhere at anytime. ● Search Instantly: Don’t waste time in a textbook’s index to find what you need. Boundless instant search pulls up what you’re looking for within seconds. ● Review Key Concepts: Imagine if your professor went through the textbook and summarized readings for you. Pretty sweet, eh? Boundless SmartNotes do just that. ● Interactive Notebook: Highlight important terms and add notes to key concepts. View all your notes and highlights in an easily sortable notebook that you can organize by time or book chapter. ● Test Yourself: To prep for those pesky exams, use Boundless quizzes and flashcards to review key terms and concepts. Flip through flashcards on your iPhone while you’re waiting for coffee or take a quiz from your bus seat. Boundless Love End your relationship with your heavy, expensive textbooks and fall in love with Boundless. 90% of our users would recommend Boundless to a friend! Boundless Subjects Boundless offers textbooks and study materials in the following subjects ● Accounting ● Algebra ● Art History ● Biology ● Business ● Chemistry ● Communications ● Economics ● Finance ● History ● Management ● Marketing ● Microbiology ● Physics ● Physiology ● Political Science ● Psychology ● Sociology ● Writing Boundless Savings Don’t pay hundreds for a traditional textbook that you’ll only be able to resell for pennies. The average Boundless user saves over $150 per book. Boundless Proof 94% of surveyed Boundless digital textbook users got the grade they were expecting or higher last semester. Boundless has been featured in USA Today, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, Fortune and more. See why students at over half of US colleges have gone Boundless. Kick print textbooks to the curb and start learning with Boundless!


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