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Brachial Nerves

The Brachial Nerves application is an unique guidance tool for placing correct transducer positions regarding upper brachial plexus nerve blocks. • ...

Discontinued App


The Brachial Nerves application is an unique guidance tool for placing correct transducer positions regarding upper brachial plexus nerve blocks. - Both ultrasound and related video show how to find and manipulate the correct region for the related intervention. - additional images and scientific medical illustrations show the anatomy - transducer position, ultrasound images with explained detailed information - flow charts for anesthesia - the movement on the extremities witch indicates the triggered innervations along with the base position of the extremities - medical illustrations with explaining text, translated from dissected bodies, prepared for this purpose. - an overview poster of the nerve regions also can be viewed and magnified within detail. - Possibility to use the iPad during the intervention by the patient on OP rooms, as a backup - Possibility to put the iPad in a sterile sleeve and present the imager on a beamer / monitor system in the operation room. - a very suitable education tool to improve your movements / skills for Plexus interventions The Brachial Nerves is a follow up of the poster sets, made by D&L graphics (medical illustration company) & MediCorporate bv. This unique poster set is divided into 4 posters, showing the Brachial nerves left / right, and the Lower Extremity Nerve Blocks left / right. The poster sets were also sponsored by an educational grant of Philips Healthcare America, Ultrasound division. These poster set can be bought (separately or as combination) at our webshop: www.musthavemedicalimages.com Medical images also can be bought and downloaded in several resolutions as well. In the next update of the Brachial plexus, you will have access to both left and right Brachial Plexus, which will be released as soon as possible. The update is for free. In the near future another app, showing the lower plexus regions will be available for download. This will be in the same setting and quality as the Brachial Nerves Application. We will keep you informed. This Brachial Nerve tool is a collaboration of the following companies and professionals in the anesthesia field: MediCorporate bv 3D medical models for educational purposes for use in 3D virtual environments.: www.medicorporate.com Kerkrade, The Netherlands D&L graphics Medical Illustrations / animations, Layout and Design: www.dlgraphics.nl Kerkrade, The Netherlands Schrijen Lippertz Print and Multimedia solutions provider: www.schrijen-lippertz.nl Voerendaal, The Netherlands Specialists: Prof.dr. André van Zundert, Anesthesiologist Catharinaziekenhuis Eindhoven, The Netherlands Prof.dr. H. Korsten, Anesthesiologist Catharinaziekenhuis Eindhoven, The Netherlands Prof.dr. Admir Hadzic, Aneastheologist, New York Drs. Arno Lataster, Clinical anatomist Vice-head department of Anatomy & Embryology, Maastricht University, The Netherlands Prof.dr. Jan van Zundert Anesthesiologist Hospital Genk, Belgium Related links: www.mustfindmedicalprofs.com www.musthavemedicalimages.com


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Version: 1.0.1

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