Brag-File© is the easy to use App to support anyone serious about managing their Career. “We all know how stressful interviews or appraisals can ...

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Brag-File© is the easy to use App to support anyone serious about managing their Career. “We all know how stressful interviews or appraisals can be; we prepare, prepare, and prepare some more but we have all had that moment when the pressure is on, our minds go blank and we experience that dreaded silence” Designed specifically to integrate into your everyday activities Brag-File© is the easy way to impress current or potential employers. Giving you everything you need to differentiate yourself from others, helping you to feel fully prepared and supported through interviews or appraisals. Record details of events that demonstrate your skills, experience, training and professional achievements. Helping you recollect your best examples and give straight to the point answers to questions in a clear, concise format, showing confidence and superior communication skills. Packed full of easy to use features designed to give you a competitive edge: •Journal functionality - quickly record details of events that demonstrate your abilities, knowledge and expertise. •Record examples simply using the ‘CAR’ technique (Circumstances, Action, Result) to ensure clear and concise explanations. •Rate your examples and tag against any behavioural competency. •Attach video, audio or document files as evidence to individual events to support your examples. •Set event reminders to ensure you keep records up to date. •Powerful ‘drag & drop’ reporting function allows you to produce customised reports, selecting events/evidence tailored specifically for your next review, appraisal or interview. •Use ‘presentation mode’ to professionally display your report, including direct access to any attached evidence. •Output reports in hardcopy or as pdf. •Record development actions with reminders. •Set reminders to review any evidence used in your CV/Resume. •Monitor your progress and chart your skills - easily identifying areas for improvement using the Brag-File’s summary screen and sort functions. The benefits of using Brag-File© goes beyond the host of easy to use features. By giving you a single database that illustrates your abilities and experience you can pro-actively manage your own development. Easily customise your CV/Resume with your best and most relevant examples for the role you’re interested in. Use the information to ensure you are always fully prepared for appraisal reviews or interviews. Relax and concentrate on presenting the best, most confident ‘you’ that you can be - Brag-File© is always there to support you ready to quickly access examples and evidence should you need to! Several research studies indicate that communication which includes a visual component can be far more effective. It is believed that people only retain about 10% of the information discussed when verbal communication is used alone! Combining verbal communication with a visual aide such as the Brag-File© may help increase this recollection to approximately 65%... Brag-File© - Make Yourself Memorable!


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