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Thank you for considering Brain Blaze WhichWord, an application that will help you learn to avoid word usage mistakes that your spell checker will likely ...

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Thank you for considering Brain Blaze WhichWord, an application that will help you learn to avoid word usage mistakes that your spell checker will likely miss. Don't be led astray in relying on your spell checker, or you may end up eating desert instead of dessert. With BB WhichWord, you're going to find that it's easy to gain confidence in your writing. Educational content created for ages 12 and above. This app is especially designed for anyone who is preparing for the writing section of a standardized test (i.e. PSAT*, SAT*, ACT*) as well as those wishing to improve their writing ability. BB WhichWord contains over 150 of the most commonly misused words. Each of the twelve sets presents you with a set of flash cards containing words of increasing difficulty. Each card shows a sentence using the word to help you learn its meaning and context. You choose the correct word from among six choices. Your goal is to complete each of the twelve sets as accurately and quickly as possible. You can view your progress on a color-coded spelling grid. Plausible multiple-choice incorrect answers are randomly selected for each flashcard. Missed words are saved and presented in later levels to reinforce learning. FEATURES: - 1 deck of word that are commonly confused - 12 sets of words of increasing difficulty level - 13 words per set (1*12*13 = 156 flash cards total) - 4 bonus review sets personalized for you based on the words you miss most often - 6 multiple choice answers per flashcard - 1 example sentence for each word - 407 of the most common US baby names (in 2008) are randomly sprinkled into the sentences for variety - 3 unique color-coded progress grids provide easy visual analysis of your strengths and weaknesses - 6 profiles for personalized performance tracking of multiple family members and friends - Vibration on miss (iPhone only) can be turned off - Email results (iPhone OS 3.0 required) SELECTED REVIEWS: - "Yaaay - perfect app for anyone who loves words!", Irishcurtin1 - "This game works very well and is fun for all ages, even my 9 year old", jleazott - "The interface is incredibly simple and really easy to use and I love the features, such as repeating words that you missed later on.", AlvinoTheChipmunk TRADEMARKS *SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, and PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which were not involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this product. *ACT is a registered trademark of ACT. ABOUT IMAK CREATIONS: IMAK Creations is a family business based in Austin, Texas. Everyone plays a role in creating our applications, which are focused on art, education, creativity and fun. Thank you for your support and consideration of our other applications. Search 'IMAK' and enjoy! - ART - ColorTilt, ColorTouch, and Got Heat? - EDUCATION (4+) - Dotty Shapes - EDUCATION (7+) - BB Add, BB Subtract, BB Multiply, BB Divide, and BB Math - EDUCATION (15+) - BB Spelling, BB Vocabulary, BB Word Roots, Who Is The Smartest? (WITS) Vocabulary - GAMES - That Ain't It! Trivia, Hold On!, Serpents - UTILITIES - HodgePodge (9-in-1 utility app) - FREE GAMES - That Ain't It! MJ Trivia and That Ain't It! Lite - FREE UTILITIES - Got Juice?


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