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"Learning vocabulary is fun with Brain Garden" • Grow your own garden! ----------------------- As you learn a new word, you earn a flower to decorate ...

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"Learning vocabulary is fun with Brain Garden" - Grow your own garden! ----------------------- As you learn a new word, you earn a flower to decorate your garden. - Challenge your friends! ------------------------- Interact with friends by sending them garden pests. But be careful, your friends might seek revenge on you! - Own the word first! --------------------- If you learn a new word first, you will collect royalty points from everyone else who learns the word after you. - Be the winner of daily contest! --------------------------------- Every day a contest awaits you. Be the winner and impress your friends! - Learn anytime, anywhere! -------------------------- Learning should be fun! With Brain Garden, you will gain words with no pain! - Track your performace! ------------------------ See how you are improving! Receive a weekly report of the words you've studied.(Coming soon!) Brain Garden is a word-learning game. You can play this game with your Facebook friends! You can learn English words as if you cultivate flowers in your garden. - Brain Garden represents your brain. - In the garden, there are many flowers. Each represents a word. - There are 10 stages to grow a flower. At each stage you have to solve a quiz about the word. - Sometimes, you need help from your friends to fully grow flowers. If you grow a flower to a specific stage, and no one owns the word, you become a new owner of the word. With the ownership you can earn virtual royalty from others who are trying to learn the word. - 1,510 BASIC words. - 2,888 INTERMEDIATE words. - 660 TOEFL words. - 1,612 SAT words. - 1,216 GRE words. - More words will be provided soon. - You can play and listen pronunciations. - You can open and refer to an online dictionary during game play. - Searching words with partial strings is available. - There is a shop for flowers, backgrounds, fences and bottoms. When you install this app, a tutorial will show you how to play Brain Garden. Let's "Grow and Own Words"


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