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NOTE: please go to Brain Mnemonics 2: the new and upgraded app to the app below. Brain Mnemonics 2 covers 10 additional brain parts, 3 new neurotransmitters ...

Discontinued App


NOTE: please go to Brain Mnemonics 2: the new and upgraded app to the app below. Brain Mnemonics 2 covers 10 additional brain parts, 3 new neurotransmitters and 5 types of brain scans! It also includes audio! Search on "thepsychfiles" for all my psychology apps! This app below, while it works fine, will no longer be updated. These mnemonics will turn hours of studying the brain into minutes. "Worth every penny! I'm happy to share that I got an A+ on my exam!" "I wish I had this App when I was first taking Psychology 101!" Thousands of students have used these mnemonics to help them memorize the parts of the brain: - "I have my AP Psychology exam tomorrow and this is the one thing I’ve been having trouble with so much. So seriously wow thanks a lot this helped me so quickly." - "Thank you thank you thank you!!! This was incredibly helpful and so funny! I have a test on the brain in my college biology class, and this helped me learn the material in an easy and fun way!" - "Thanks so much for this. I have an anatomy test on the parts of the brain next week and this episode really made it easy for me to memorize the parts!" Designed for students taking an Introduction to Psychology class, but students studying for tests in social work, biology and nursing have also found these mnemonics very helpful. The mnemonics were created by a college psychology professor to help students memorize 25 parts of the brain and their primary function. BrainNmonX contains 25 images - some bizarre, some humorous - to help you remember these 25 parts of the brain. The well-established mnemonic device called the "keyword technique" is used to create these images. First, a small concrete word is selected from the letters found in a larger, more abstract word (such as the concrete word "Medal" from the brain part called the "Medulla"). A wacky, unusual, sometimes funny image is then created using this concrete word. Such images are easier to remember than abstract, unfamiliar words. These images are designed to help you remember the functions of various parts of the brain so that you can do better on your test. Many satisfied people have already purchased these brain mnemonics in PDF format and I am happy to have an iPhone version available. Now you can study for your test on the brain anywhere you happen to be with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here are the brain parts for which you'll find mnemonic images in BrainNmonX: Lobes of the Brain * Acronym to help you remember the four lobes * Occipital Lobe * Parietal Lobe * Frontal Lobe * Temporal Brain Parts: - Hypothalamus - Amygdala - Thalamus - Cerebellum - Hippocampus - Pineal gland - Broca's Area - Wernicke's Area The Brainstem * Acronym for the brainstem * Pons * Reticular Formation * Medulla The Neuron * Dendrites * Soma * Axon * Myelin Sheath * Nodes of Ranvier * Synaptic Vesicles * Synapse * Resting and Action Potential Neurotransmitters * Serotonin Check out The Psych Files at www.ThePsychFiles.com for more information geared specifically for students of human behavior. Michael A. Britt, Ph.D.


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