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**NOTE: This app is for teachers only; students cannot log in to this app. Students should use one of the grade-aligned BrainNook apps for iPad.** BrainNook ...

Discontinued App


**NOTE: This app is for teachers only; students cannot log in to this app. Students should use one of the grade-aligned BrainNook apps for iPad.** BrainNook @ School is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch! Teachers can use this app to create BrainNook student accounts, set class assignments, and track student performance on the go. Keep your class playing BrainNook wherever you are! BrainNook is a groundbreaking educational game for elementary school students. It helps children practice math and language skills while playing a fun, social game with their classmates, and gives teachers powerful tools to track and accelerate their students' learning. In BrainNook, children travel through virtual worlds while playing math and language games, complete assignments to win badges, and compete with their classmates to reach the top of their class scoreboard. BrainNook games are mapped to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Language Arts for Grades 1-5. Use the BrainNook @ School app while your students play BrainNook to make learning a fun, social activity for your students! ------------------------------- TEACHERS LOVE THE EFFECT IT'S HAVING ON THEIR STUDENTS! * "My students are better at math. They are more fluent, confident, and are making less mistakes." - April P., Special Ed Teacher, Missouri * "My entire 2nd grade class loves this site! It gets my struggling students interested in participating." - Kelly V., Elementary Teacher, Texas * "BrainNook has motivated my students to practice skills at home, something most would not otherwise voluntarily do." - Kevin G., Elementary Teacher, West Virginia * "As a special ed teacher, I was looking for a program that develops both social and academic skills, which is why I really like BrainNook." - Roger E, Special Ed Teacher, North Carolina * "My students have been playing even over the winter break!" - Lynette P., Elementary Teacher, West Virginia ------------------------------- KIDS LOVE PLAYING BRAINNOOK! * "We made accounts in Math class today and right when I came home from school I started to play again!" - Alice * "Probably the best Math website I have ever visited. BrainNook is awesome!" - John * "I absolutely love this game." - Tonya ------------------------------- PARENTS LOVE THAT THEIR KIDS ARE PLAYING IT! * "My daughter LOVES it and asks to do it, which is wonderful." - Ellen * "I am loving this site! It's really great and I can easily see how it could be effective with homeschooling my children." - Shirley * "An easy way to get my daughter to learn something without her getting bored!" - Clara ------------------------------- GREAT PRESS! * Tech & Learning Magazine: "Top 10 Educational Game Sites" * Forbes: "[BrainNook] is pioneering the next-generation of learning games for people under 10 years old." * Techcrunch: "BrainNook sounds like a great thing to have available to teachers for extra credit." * VentureBeat: "[BrainNook has] a clever approach that is sure to improve efficiency and have a positive cumulative effect." * Hack Education blog: "BrainNook: A Smarter, More Engaging Alternative to Club Penguin?" * iLearnTechnology blog: "BrainNook is a brilliant virtual world for elementary students in first through fifth grade."


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