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This app will help you read all types of texts faster, more efficiently, and with better comprehension and offers several different exercises and features: 1. ...

Discontinued App


This app will help you read all types of texts faster, more efficiently, and with better comprehension and offers several different exercises and features: 1. Course Plan: Shows where you are in the lesson and what exercises comes next 2. Score Card: Shows your results and let you compare results 3. Video Regression Analysis: Shows just how many unnecessary regressions you do while reading. 4. Chunking exercises: help you practice better reading in blocks of words 5. Eye exercises: Train your eyes to recognize information quicker without regressions 6. Reading exercises: Train rapid chunking with the Progress Bar; See your reading speed; Upload your own texts (via Website, free after lesson 8) 7. Tachistoscope exercises: Train your perception and quit subvocalizing 8. Reading Tests: Measure your reading speed and comprehension in each lesson With this app, you’ll have fun mastering the skills you need to read quickly. As you do this, your reading speed will increase significantly. You’ll notice: - Rapid recognition of numbers, letters, and words - More flexible eye movement - Improved ability to concentrate - Increased field of vision The app will guide you through the individual steps as you practice. The statistics function lets you monitor and track your progress. It also enables you to compare your own progress with all the other BrainRead users worldwide and to connect with and compare yourself to your Facebook friends. Several different reading speed tests covering a variety of topics are available so you can check your reading speed any time, anywhere as long as you have your Tablet with you. Comprehension questions following each text help you assess your retention of information. This is the ideal combination for mastering effective reading skills and high comprehension rates. This app is recommended for: - Managers at all levels of corporate advancement who need to absorb information quickly so they can make good decisions bases on it. - Specialists and experts who need to keep their knowledge up-to-date and who want to produce higher-quality work and be more competitive in their fields. - Anyone working in scientific research, marketing, IT, or healthcare. - Students who want to get more out of the time they spend studying and a better understanding of their subject matter. - Professionals who need to get ahead of the daily flood of information that comes across their desks via emails, intranets, the internet, reports, presentations, memos etc. etc. You will benefit from this app if you: - Often feel that reading just takes too long. - Often need to read passages twice or three times in order to understand them. - Are easily distracted while reading. - Have difficulty remembering things you just read. The In App Store in the BrainRead App offers the opportunity to purchase and download further BrainRead Lessons into the App. Each Lesson offers a variety of exercises and a final Reading Test. All the results of the exercises and the Reading Test are saved for statistical evaluation which the user can access in the Score Card within the App. Thus the user is able to see his progress across all the Lessons and can even compare these with other users based on his choice of criteria’s in the Score Card. Each Lesson can be purchased at a low cost individually, in rising order, or all of them at once as a Package at a reduced price (Get 7 Lesson for the price of 6). The first Lesson is included in the initial App purchase and offers the same statistical evaluation possibilities in the Score Card as the following purchases.


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