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Everybody wants great ideas... - What to buy as a birthday present? - Launch a small business on an idea? - Write a novel on a strange topic? BrainStorming ...

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Everybody wants great ideas... - What to buy as a birthday present? - Launch a small business on an idea? - Write a novel on a strange topic? BrainStorming helps with original ideas. BrainStorming improves your creativity with original and innovative suggestions. The application provides unique and surprising combination of words that you can think further to come up with new and innovative ideas. BrainStorming gives you original and innovative ideas. It is a creativity technique and tool in your hand. As an ideal layout, BrainStorming shows four words in each turn absolutely spontaneously. Thinking about the four words and by using your creativity brand new ideas will occure in your mind. The greater the number of ideas generated, the greater the chance of producing a radical and effective solution. Use the "Get next idea" button to generate the next idea words. You can pin words by selecting them. It works fully offline without Internet. Consider the four principles of BrainStorming: Focus on quantity, Withhold criticism, Welcome unusual ideas, Combine and improve ideas. You can change three things: 1) Part of speech: In this list you can define what kind of words would you like to get: - Nouns (29,775 words in total) - Adjectives (83,362 words in total) - Verbs (3,977 words in total) or any combinations of these three. 2) Complexity of words: You can decide whether only simple (common) words or complex (rare) words can appear in the ideas. 3) Speed of timer: - Fast (2 seconds delay) - Normal (5 seconds delay) - Slow (8 seconds delay). If you like an idea or feel some opportunity in it then you can save it for later use and you can elaborate on it when you get back to the saved ideas. By saving an idea the four words of the idea are stored in the local storage of the application. When you use BrainStorming for the next time these saved ideas will be available unless the local storage of the application is deleted. There are 10 slots in the mobile application to save ideas. If you would like to delete some old ideas that you do not need any more you can do so in the saved ideas screen. The timer is used to generate ideas periodically as an idea show. By turning the timer on you can sit back and watch the ideas coming in a periodic slide show. You can change the speed of the timer under the settings. You can choose Slow (8 seconds delay), Normal (5 seconds delay) or Fast (2 seconds delay) modes. When you push the timer icon again then the timer toggles (if it was turned on then it will turn off and if it was turned off then it will turn on). You can stop the timer if you push the "Get next idea" button during the automated idea show as well. Works fully offline.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 5.74 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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