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BRAINISTIC QUIZZES BRINGS A LARGE COLLECTION OF EDUCATIONAL QUIZZES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. *** You can now purchase Premium Account from www.brainistic.com ...

Discontinued App


BRAINISTIC QUIZZES BRINGS A LARGE COLLECTION OF EDUCATIONAL QUIZZES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. *** You can now purchase Premium Account from www.brainistic.com and play all your premium quizzes on your favorite iOS devices. *** *** More than TEN THOUSAND high quality Questions across 60+ Quizzes for various OLYMPIAD exams preparation and the quiz repository keeps on growing. *** * WHAT OUR USERS HAVE TO SAY * - Brilliant quizzes!!! - Nice, fast and a good competitive quiz to boost u up for ur olympiads and other exams. - Its an awesome quiz. Through the extra information provided at end of the quizzes, one can learn and remember along with having lot of fun from its ranking system, which creates competition amongst the children. Thank you Brainistic. - Some questions are in twisted way, so it's challenging and fun. - Questions posted here is helping my kid to increase knowledge. Simply great concept. - Fantastic & really TOUGH!!! - I have seen and played many quizzes but this one is really the type of quizzes that I need. - I am very happy to attempt so many quiz on Brainistic. Not only my school rank has increased but also my knowledge. - Mind Twister! Brainistic Quizzes lets you play quizzes from www.brainistic.com on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Our website www.brainistic.com is a quizzing platform that lets you create quizzes online and also play quizzes from our growing quiz repository. Now with Brainistic Quizzes same quizzes can be played on your iOS devices in a much more interesting, easy and efficient way. This allows you the flexibility of playing the quizzes from anywhere and on the move. Quizzes that are created at www.brainistic.com undergo rigorous reviews before they are made available for playing. This ensures high quality and error free quizzes. Quizzes can be added by anyone, but are reviewed by us before being made public. Additionally we have a dedicated team of highly experienced teachers and educationists who keep adding quizzes for students PREPARING FOR MATHS, SCIENCE, COMPUTER AND ENGLISH OLYMPIADS. These olympiad prep quizzes provide complete coverage on all the topics of the subject for a particular grade. Quizzing at Brainistic lets you compete with your peers around the world. You score a global ranking in each quiz and also get to know your proficiency (or expertise) in the subject being tested. * BRAINISTIC QUIZZES FEATURES * - Easy and intuitive way of selecting and playing a quiz. - Choose quizzes from various categories - Top 25, Subjects, Grades, Smart and All quizzes. - Standard and Smart (adaptive) quiz types. - Play quizzes even without logging in. - Get your global ranking when you submit the score. - Know your proficiency level when you play smart quizzes. - Questions with pictures and diagrams. - While playing, tap to select an answer option and tap twice to move to next question. This saves you from accidental touches. - Review your answers after completing the quiz and learn more by reading the explanations, wherever provided. - Rate the quiz to your liking. For more information visit www.brainistic.com. NOTE THAT THIS APP NEEDS THE DEVICE TO BE ONLINE. THERE IS NO OFFLINE MODE.


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