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***************************************************** ### Game Info ### This is a chapter 1 of a thinking games series. Chapter 1(Numbers of jong-min) ...

Discontinued App


***************************************************** ### Game Info ### This is a chapter 1 of a thinking games series. Chapter 1(Numbers of jong-min) have some simple calculations. Simple is beauty. This game is very simple. But If you play, you interests in answering of questions. you may like numbers. I got game idea from brain game of Nintendo(tm). But I didn't want to just like it same. I want to give a pleasure of thinking and a delight of calculations for numbers. I don't know how long making this series and loved by users. But if you give reply for this game, and It is hopeful, I will do it more and more. Enjoy yourself. ***************************************************** ### Feature ### * 1 stage have 10 problems. * This game have 10 stages. * Control is very simple. Just drag or push buttons. $ start page -> touch $ menu page -> drag button from left to right $ In Game -> Answering by drag number in blank box Exit and next problem button is worked by touched. * In game Description @ top: - Game Title : Game type name - Level : user level - Stage : game stage - Score : score for right answer in time(30sec) - time(sec) : a limit of solving time for one problem = 30sec * It have some level. $ UMBRA(shadow) : Begginer $ ASTIUM(star) : Intermediate $ LUNA(moon) : Advanced $ SOLE (sun) : Expert * Not yet. - Not support sound off - Not support Infinite game : just deleting limit time. - Not support demo for free game.(I have no time. I'm sorry.) - It have very simple texture or color.. * some bugs. - In New Game mode, time is not correcting. It will be fix in next update as soon as possible. ***************************************************** ### etc ### Very special thank you.


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Version: 1.5

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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