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Welcome to Brantwood, John Ruskin`s home, in “Augmented Reality”. Learn about John Ruskin`s ‘Seven Lamps of Architecture` ...

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Welcome to Brantwood, John Ruskin’s home, in “Augmented Reality”. Learn about John Ruskin’s ‘Seven Lamps of Architecture’ and significance of the 7 windows at Brantwood as an audio tour. With Brantwood app, you can interact with the house from outside and inside. Just point your iOS device to the dining room windows inside or outside Brantwood to learn more about them in audio and readable text. Also you can interact with the panels setup within the rooms at Brantwood. The app allows you to listen and read Ruskin’s quotes and ideas. You can share them with your friends on social networks If you are not at Brantwood yet, then you can email yourself the "Life" icon and interact with it in both print and digital form. You could also interact with the panel icons, on Brantwood’s leaflets and flyers. So if you are away then you could experience Ruskin’s ideas in “Augmented Reality”. If you would like to try the app at home then you can download or view the panel icons from Brantwood website → http://www.brantwood.org.uk/ Enjoy Brantwood’s “Augmented Reality” experience and immerse yourself in Ruskin’s ideas.


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