‘Bright Bouncer’ is an innovative system for nightclub and bar owners, providing them patron management, marketing analysis and security. By collecting ...

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‘Bright Bouncer’ is an innovative system for nightclub and bar owners, providing them patron management, marketing analysis and security. By collecting and analyzing your patron’s information we are able to generate statistics, various reports and display important security alerts. With ‘Bright Bouncer’ your business will have all the information it needs to understand, communicate and secure your patrons. Scanning your patron’s ID ‘Bright Bouncer’ makes it easy to collect your patron’s information. By using the most advanced hand-held magnetic reader device, you are able to get the information in seconds and complete the data entry manually with dynamic user defined fields like: Phone number, E-mail, Facebook, customer number and more. After scanning, the system automatically performs the following: 1. Saves all of the information to your dedicated server storage. 2. Analyzes the data and displays system alerts: o - Under age alert. o - Re-Entry alert. o - ID expired alert. o - First time alert. o - Invited alert. 3. Displays Vital information for hostesses and bouncers: o Age – Automatically calculated every scan. o Gender – Determined from ID information. o Status – VIP, Banned, Visitor, Member and more… o History – Shows previous visits. With all of this information your staff will be able to serve your patrons quickly and efficiently. Live view As an owner, you always want to know how your business is doing, especially when you’re not there. With our unique Dash-Board feature you can view real time information coming from your business and know: How many people arrived How many people left Who’s inside right now What is the gender ratio Average age for Males and Females inside Analysing the data ‘Bright Bouncer’ makes it easy to learn about your business by analyzing all the information collected each night. For every event or timeline you can generate, view and print numerous reports and charts: Charts: Members by age Entries by time Top 10 cities Top 10 zip codes Leaves by time Old vs. New Gender ratio Members by status Reports: Birthdate report by months Member history and notes Leaves per event by time First time visitors Entries per promoter Arrivals for invited members Members by status (VIP, Banned). Entries per event by time Member information with dynamic fields Marketing tools, Promoters and Invitations Our ‘Invites’ service makes it easy to reach out and contact your customers by sending e-mails, text messages or via Facebook. Your promoters can create their own guests list and merge them to your entrance list. By the end of the night you’ll have different reports indicating the amount of patrons accepted per promoter each night. Additional charts and reports with other features like advanced marketing tools are available for you online using your computer, tablet and even mobile device. Copyright © 2011 Bright Software Solutions Ltd


Technical specifications

Version: 4.9.1

Size: 3.05 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Tal Glikman

Day of release: 2013-08-27

Recommended age: 4+

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