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Improve your results and revise with Britannica SmartStudy! Smart apps + Smart learning = Smarter kids Britannica SmartStudy GCSE MATHS is a games-based ...

Discontinued App


Improve your results and revise with Britannica SmartStudy! Smart apps + Smart learning = Smarter kids Britannica SmartStudy GCSE MATHS is a games-based revision app, containing 2,500 unique questions across the curriculum. Choose to play the games or select the ‘quick fire’ round to revise. Test yourself and see your results in easy-to-use reports. Britannica SmartStudy GCSE MATHS incorporates the main topics that students need to know for GCSE exams, making it an ideal resource to help improve results. The app includes: - 2,500 unique questions - Interactive games - Clear reports with red, amber and green performance indicators - Gap-analysis to highlight questions frequently answered incorrectly (to see what you don’t know) Topics include: Algebra - Collecting like terms - Creating an expression (using formulas) - Factorising - Formulas and equations: Solving simple equations (lower) - Multiplying out brackets: Foundation - Simplifying expressions - Solving quadratics - Solving linear equations: Foundation - Substitution - Trial and improvement: Higher - Trial and improvement: Foundation Handling data - Averages: Mean, mode and median - Data collection - Estimating probability - Experimental evidence - IQR and standard deviation - Limits of accuracy: Foundation - Limits of accuracy: Higher - Mutually exclusive events - Probabilities for combined events: Foundation - Probabilities for combined events: Higher - Probability - Reliability of results - Representing data: Foundation - Representing data: Higher - Scatter graphs Number - Adding and subtracting standard index form - Approximating and using a calculator: Foundation - Convert ordinary numbers to standard index form - Decimals - Fractions, decimals and ratios - Multiple, factors, LCM, HCF - Multiplication, division, addition and subtraction involving negative numbers - Number sequences - Order of operations - Prime factor decomposition - Prime numbers, factors and roots - Ratio and proportion: Foundation - Ratio and proportion: Higher - Reciprocals - Reverse percentages - Simple and compound interest - Standard form and powers Shape, space and measures - Angles (foundation) - Circles: Foundation - Circles: Higher - Co-ordinate plane - Discreet, continuous and accuracy - Geometric terms - Length, area, volume and dimension: Foundation - Length, area, volume and dimension: Higher - Loci - Pythagoras theorem - Shapes - Shapes: Angles and parallel lines - Speed, distance, time and travel graphs - Symmetry - Tesselate - Transformations and enlargements - Trigonometry - Vectors (higher) www.britannica.co.uk


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