Discontinued App


*** A Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner (2013) *** " ...a storybook app that animal lovers young and old will adore...It is an inexpensive, fun, ...

Discontinued App


*** A Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner (2013) *** " ...a storybook app that animal lovers young and old will adore...It is an inexpensive, fun, touching and cute app that will make a fantastic addition to your digital library. " (Parents' Choice Review) "Simply the benchmark for all interactive books on the iPad. Its that good. Just go and download it, you won’t regret it. (appshrink.com)" ************************************************* "I loved your singing, I loved your dancing. Would you like to go home with me?" The original children’s picture book, “Broadway Barks” was written, narrated, and sung beautifully by Tony-award winning American actress, Bernadette Peters. It is a warm and an appealing story of loss, reunion, and nurturing – complete with a happy ending. ************************************************* In a park lives a lonely little dog, Douglas. He is befriended by a pretty, red-haired stranger (Peters), who takes him to a Broadway stage so that he has a chance at being adopted. How can Douglas be a star and find himself a new home? - Video: http://youtu.be/h5QyBolNUog - Do you know Broadway Barks? Broadway Barks is an animal charity event founded by Bernadette Peters in 1999 to promote the adoption of shelter animals. “Broadway Barks” is a story about a dog who finds a new family after being adopted. I hope this story will help you understand how important it is to take care of animals.” - Bernadette Peters, 2012 Note from Peters to her children fans, with the release of “Broadway Barks” app - About Broadway Barks App Broadway Barks App tells a story about a lonely dog Douglas searching for his home, with beautiful music and lyrics by Bernadette Peters. In addition, Broadway Barks App includes three special reading features and unique interactive activities that go beyond the storybook and are exclusive to this app. - Musical Fun! 1) Douglas’ Showtime: Create the most exciting showtime for Douglass so that he can impress the audience with unique songs and dances. 2) Kramer’s Song: Enjoy the beautiful lullaby music for Kramer, with music and lyrics by Bernadette Peters. This will be a wonderful bedtime ritual for your kids. - Reading Features! 1) Read to Me: Enjoy the beautiful narration of Bernadette Peters and use the interactive elements on every page. 2) Auto Play: Relax and enjoy the story as it unfolds…the pages turn automatically for you. 3) Read it Myself: Turn off the narration to read the story by yourself as the words appear on the screen. * Rate and review this app in the App Store! * Like us and earn freebies: facebook.com/play123app * Visit us: www.cjeducations.com * Email us for app support: cjeducations@cj.net Delightful Learning Experience – CJ Educations


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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