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Intended Audience While many apps exist for math facts, Bubble Add is especially designed for the youngest users. It is simple to use and understand. ...

Discontinued App


Intended Audience While many apps exist for math facts, Bubble Add is especially designed for the youngest users. It is simple to use and understand. The buttons are large for young fingers. If you have a very young mathematician, this is the app for you. Bubble Add Free is a limited sample version of Bubble Add. The Game Bubble Add provides an entertaining learning experience with colorful bubbles, audio and animated graphics, for the youngest mathematicians. The application has two levels of addition, two levels of subtraction, and one level of multiplication. The first level of addition includes problems whose sum is less than or equal to 10 and have no carrying. Ex: 5 + 3. The second level contains problems whose sum is less than 50 and may have carrying. Example 5 + 8. Level one of subtraction involves numbers no greater than 10, level two no greater 50. The first level involves no borrowing. The multiplication level involves only single-digit operands. Before the game begins, the user selects the function and level desired. Youngsters are presented with a random sequence of addition, subtraction, or multiplication problems. Translucent bubbles containing the correct answer along with several incorrect alternatives float across the screen, inviting the youngster to choose the bubble containing the correct answer. A positive response is given for the correct answer. Otherwise, the user is gently encouraged to try again. Each incorrect selection makes the corresponding bubble fade and become unresponsive, eventually leaving only the correct answer active. If you have a youngster who is just learning arithmetic, this is the app for them. This sample version, Bubble Add Free, is limited to the first level of addition and first level subtraction, and multiplication only covers operands between 0 and 5. Learning concepts Quantity Number recognition Addition operation Addition of single digits Addition of multiple digits Concept of carrying Subtraction operation Subtraction of multiple digits Concept of borrowing Multiplication operation Multiplication of single digits Benefits Bubble Add provides a supplemental resource to help students master basic arithmetic. It has been tested to insure that the design is suited for very young fingers. This educational game holds a child’s attention while she or he practices addition, subtraction and multiplication. It also improves motor skills and sharpens memory. Youngsters (3 to 99) will enjoy the drills, which keep your mind active.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 1.13 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by EEBUBU

Day of release: 2010-01-8

Recommended age: 4+

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