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Bubble Spell 2

Intended Audience Bubble Spell 2 is the second application in our sequence of spelling apps. It is intended for youngsters who have a basic understanding ...

Discontinued App


Intended Audience Bubble Spell 2 is the second application in our sequence of spelling apps. It is intended for youngsters who have a basic understanding of their consonants, long vowel and short vowel sounds. It is an excellent aid for your young speller. For Parents Bubble Spell 2 provides an entertaining learning experience with colorful bubbles and phonetic audios. The game contains 75 four-letter phonetically spelled words. The words are divided into 5 groups numbered 1 to 5 of approximately 15 words each. While Bubble Spell (1) was intended as the first level of spelling, Bubble Spell 2 contains words which use the long and short vowel sounds and simple consonant blends. The words are easily recognized by your young speller. As your youngster completes the selected set, the game progresses to the next set. The Game When the game begins, your youngster selects the position of the missing letter. A spelling word appears in the left hand corner with an underscore for the missing letter. An image representing the word appears in the right hand corner. Translucent floating bubbles float across the screen containing a random set of letters. The young speller chooses the correct letter to complete the spelling. As an example, if the youngster selected the first letter position, the word flag would appear as _lag with a flag image on the right. A pleasant voice says the word "flag" and the youngster searches the floating bubbles to find the correct letter among random letters. If the correct letter is chosen, they are rewarded with an audio and visual positive response. If an incorrect letter is chosen,they are gently encouraged to try again with a reduced number of selections. Additionally, for some incorrect selections, a helpful bee appears on the screen. If selected, the bee gives the phonetic sound of the missing letter. When a youngster completes the set of words a harp notifies them of progression to another set of words. Learning concepts Letter recognition from phonetic sounds Alphabet recognition Word Recognition Letter/Word association Phonetic awareness Basic spelling skills Reading readiness Concept of the printed word Vocabulary Building Benefits Bubble Spell 2 is a natural sequence for toddlers and youngsters who are preparing themselves to read. The game has an excellent user interface for very young fingers. This educational game keeps your child’s attention while they learn phonics, spelling and a readiness to read. In addition it improves motor skills and sharpens memory. Toddlers and young children are eager to play the game over and over.


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Version: 2.1

Size: 13.74 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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