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BubbleMaster Junior

The second in the ‘Master` series of games, ‘BubbleMaster – Junior` takes you on an educational journey beginning where 'BubbleMaster ...

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The second in the ‘Master’ series of games, ‘BubbleMaster - Junior’ takes you on an educational journey beginning where 'BubbleMaster - Early Learner' left off, taking your skills to the next level. Aimed at junior school age (5+) through to and including secondary school, BubbleMaster will improve hand-eye coordination, improve on essential skills and sharpen your mental reflexes as you are challenged form level to level. With BubbleMaster Junior you get an extensive series of mind-flexing games in the following categories: * Colours * Numbers and counting * Times Tables * Arithmetic * Squares and Roots * Fractions and Decimals * Letters and words * Time * Days and Months In each category and in the Championship, you progress through a series of levels, being awarded your next ‘belt’ as you go, starting with white all the way through to black belt. Answers are presented in falling bubbles and must be matched to an appropriate block containing a question in order to clear it. Clearing all blocks completes the game. Get a question wrong and a new block will be added. If the blocks reach the top, or you run out of bubbles the game will end. Through the early practice levels, voice prompts assist with the questions and answers. Prompts and other sound effects may be switched on/off by changing the sound options. Please note, currently all menus and voice prompts are only available in English. The game supports multiple players and scores are maintained for each. Progress may be monitored by viewing the high scores achieved, showing what category and to what level the game has been played. You can jump into any of the categories and even go back to a previous level if desired, but will need to ‘learn’ and mentally exercise your way though the belts to get to the end. Once you have mastered the practice levels, have a go at the Championship. Achieve black belt in the Championship and you are the ‘BubbleMaster’. If you are looking for something for the younger children? Take a look at 'BubbleMaster - Early Learner'.


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Version: 1.02

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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