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Budget Attentionâ„¢ for iPad

............... Best Budget App ............... Budget Attentionâ„¢ helps you to track your spending within your budget. ========================================== You ...

Discontinued App


............... Best Budget App ............... Budget Attention™ helps you to track your spending within your budget. ========================================== You might also be interested in our other apps: Time Attention™ (iPad version) Budget Attention™ for iPhone Debt Attention™ Money Attention™ ========================================== It uses pie charts to show you where you are in an intuitive way, so managing budget becomes a very pleasant thing. It is just like a simple game, all you need to do is trying to keep some green on each pie chart. As long as you have some green color on each pie chart, it means that you are spending within budget. Yes, it is that simple. Using Budget Attention™ is very simple 1) Click "Budget" tab on the top, then click "+" to add some budget categories (food, auto…) 2) Click "Expense" tab on the top, then click "+" to add some expense. Please do not forget to a category for expense. That is it, click "Overview" tab and it will show you beautiful charts for your bugdet usages as a percentage, for both monthly summary and breakdown by categories. So you will immediately know if you are within budget for overall and for each category. Click "Calendar" to change to another month, then all information on the screen (overview, budget, expense) will automatically show the right information. And you can email data out in CSV file. Please download now and get your spending under control! ............... NOTES ............... Please send us email if you have any question or feedback. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your good review will help us to make it better! Email: hello [at] himalayacomputing.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Search 'Himalaya Computing' on iTunes Store to see all products from us.


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