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Budgeteer is a powerful note-taking app developed by Second Nature Learning that is designed for middle and high school students! The app was developed ...

Discontinued App


Budgeteer is a powerful note-taking app developed by Second Nature Learning that is designed for middle and high school students! The app was developed by educators, instructional technologists, finance professionals, and students themselves. It has 2 components - a) The Notes Tool - which allows students to take notes and hone their scholastic and financial knowledge. It makes the app the perfect platform for the solid financial education that every student needs. b) Budgeteer - which teaches key personal finance concepts. It leverages behavioral psychology and technology to address the need for sound financial skills. The goal is to build sound personal finance habits for a lifetime! The app begins by providing a solid note-taking platform for students to collate their finances in a systematic way. Once this is accomplished, the app encourages them to understand the basics of money management by identifying needs and wants, and moves on to more complex topics. The content includes highly engaging videos, and fun, interactive, and meaningful activities that are aimed at improving student life. All the lessons are aligned with the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education. Testimonials: "A great resource to teach my students personal finance skills in a highly engaging way! My students loved the videos and found the activities very useful. The app and tool were self explanatory and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend this app." - Chris D, High School Teacher “The videos were very good at explaining the different concepts” - Alex, Middle School "Love the tool, as it will help me set goals for myself as I get ready for college." - Diana, High School "The app was cool and fun! I really liked the Budget Burger activity and all of the videos." - Bryan, Middle School "The app made the topics so simple to understand! I loved the bank statement activity, as it helped me think of what a real statement would look like and how to identify income and expenses from it" - Abhi, High School Highlights: Notes and Budgeteer - Strong Correlation with real world skills such as distinguishing between needs and wants, identifying sources of income, and analyzing bank statements to understand the inflow and outflow of money. - Practicing budgeting skills through the 'Budget Burger' activity that gives students real life choices they can identify with. - Short and interesting animated videos that explain the content. - A “Share” feature that allows users to share their progress and involve friends and family in their financial education. - A tool that allows students to apply their skills in their daily lives by setting a financial goal, receiving reminders, and tracking their own progress.


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