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Bugz-Puz is a puzzle game for children! The game is ideal for 2 to 6 year old pre-school children. You can also create new puzzles by selecting photos ...

Discontinued App


Bugz-Puz is a puzzle game for children! The game is ideal for 2 to 6 year old pre-school children. You can also create new puzzles by selecting photos from your own Photo Library. Let your child draw something and photograph it so that the child can play its own puzzle. This is exactly why mobile devices are interesting: they build the bridge between passive consumption and creativity! Shall I let me children play with the iPad, iPhone and iPod? A lots of parents are unsure and ask themselves if such devices shall be given to children at all. Nevertheless, such devices have become an important part in our live already. It is therefore important that children learn how to use such devices and the new media from an early stage on. But you have to help your children in acquiring this new media competence. Dinotop provides children of different age groups access to games suitable for them. It is important for us to allow children to become creative and to give them the possibility to interact with the new medium in a playful and educational way. Try to solve the puzzles together with your children and create your own ones. It is our goal to create educational, valuable games that allow the children together with the parents to elaborate and get in touch with interesting new devices such as the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod. Content: ------- * 20 age-based, lovely, hand drawn pictures * 5 difficulty levels and one customizable level * Import of images to create own puzzles * Ideal for pre-school children between 2 and 6 * Music appealing to children Educational value of the game: ------------------------- We base our age suggestion on the development scale developed by the development psychologist Jean Piaget. This game supports the following abilities of your children: * Development of the visualization of objects and its transformation * Understanding the space-time context of objects and actions According to Piaget, children in the age between 2 and 6 develop the ability to visualize an object before its transformation into something new. The child needs to visualize the original picture before it can solve the puzzle since it must put the missing piece into the context of the entire picture. This games helps with learning that ability in a playful way. By solving the problem the children realize how the picture changes by moving objects from one place to an other. Visual and sound stimulations while solving the puzzle also help this development.


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