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**Top 30 Favorite Free Apps at **Good App of the Day at **Dolch's Sight Word List and more +create your own SPELLING lists** *** Option: Spelling Lists vs. Phonics Spelling Lists *** ► custom-made spelling-word lists (type in the new word and record your voice)! ► SHARE custom spelling lists to other iPads, iPhones... using e-mail, Google Drive, or DropBox ► Built-In Phonics Lists focusing on word families ► Built-In Spelling Lists focusing on Long Vowels, Short Vowels, …, Dolch’s Word Lists (Primer, …) ► HISTORY keeps track of student’s progress (customization per student possible) ►audio and/or visual prompt ► PROFESSIONAL narration or child’s narration ► 5 educational GAMES in addition to three modes: Learn, Practice and Test (quiz) ► upper or lower case letters ► optional Montessori-style color coding of vowels and consonants ► immediate sound feedback heard upon tapping the correct/incorrect letter ► positive reinforcement lowers affective filters making learning a more engaging and enjoyable process ► ACCESSIBILITY options to for VISUALLY impaired and those struggling with fine motor skills ► optional custom made features for special needs students ► child proof SETTINGS button Build A Word Spelling Express helps students as young as three learn how to spell. Students are motivated through positive reinforcement in the form of a fun balloon popping game (optional) offered after each successfully "written" word. Advantage for Special Need Students: * option of using blank background helps children focus on letters only * option to choose high-contrast background for visually impaired * option to choose answer method: drag&drop or simple tap * the letters are easy to spot due to big letter cards * no frustration since visual and audio prompts in the Learn Mode lead the child step by step through the correct spelling process *the right spelling technique becomes salient since the app leads the child step by step through spelling allowing dragging one letter at a time in the correct order * choose any number of redundant letters: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 * wrong letters become obvious with the help of immediate sound feedback heard after tapping the wrong letter * repetition of audio prompt helps with hearing and remembering the word and letters


Technical specifications

Version: 4.3

Size: 30.9 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by @Reks

Day of release: 2011-06-30

Recommended age: 4+

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