Build a Plane with Kate and Harry

*** FREE as a part of FREE app of the day *** *** Featured in AppsGoneFree. Your daily free app resource *** "Kids will lift off with this ...

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*** FREE as a part of FREE app of the day *** *** Featured in AppsGoneFree. Your daily free app resource *** "Kids will lift off with this great app, as they will build and construct their very own, funny and fascinating aircraft." 5/5 STARS from TopBestAppsForKids "Have had success teaching preschoolers with delayed language "cause & effect" using Kate & Harry apps. Just a tap of the button adds pieces to a flying plane. Tap the back of the plane to make it go faster. The clapping audience is always a motivator for the preschoolers too. LOVE THIS APP!" - Ricki Block, Speech Pathologist, A cute, interactive toy app designed to stimulate and encourage your child’s creativity. Regardless of the language they speak, children - even as young as 2 y/o - are able to intuitively understand the rules, follow the plot and play independently. SIMPLE RULES: First - pick Kate or Harry to be your helper. Next - build your plane or other air vehicle by simply tapping the parts - there are hundreds of aircraft design combinations available and all of them are possible to reach in 5 simple steps! Then - watch Kate or Harry fly your plane above a randomly generated environment, tap the plane parts and everything you see to check what happens. Look for other pilots and their funny machines, tap the clouds to see them change shapes, find surprises tied to balloons! Finally - enjoy your aircraft being applauded by an enthusiastic crowd on the airport HIGHLIGHTS - No written or spoken language, just sounds and gestures, - For toddlers and preschoolers around the world, - Designed for 2-4 years old kids, but works great for the whole 1-6 years old range, - Wide range of creativity, experimenting and discovery options, - Only “Tap&Watch” mechanics throughout the app: NO icons, NO buttons, NO complicated choices, NO time pressure, NO ads, NO links accessible by children - Create! - Experiment! - Explore! - Interact! - Get rewarded! - Try again! - Lots of funny and realistic sounds, - Parent Zone separated from game screens by a press&hold button. Check also other great apps with Kate and Harry: "Build a Car with Kate and Harry" "Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry" "Build a Ship with Kate and Harry" "Kate and Harry in Africa" "Even toddlers can help themselves, have fun, find their way around in this app and can proudly present their creations to their parents. These apps are a clear ‘must have’ for all kids!" - Check to learn more about the series! ***** PRIVACY POLICY ***** We at Very Nice Studio are parents ourselves and we take your privacy and the privacy of your child very seriously. We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This software does not store, share, use or collect any personal information from our users. This software does not include ads, 3rd party analytics, links or in-app purchases.


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