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This is a FREE version of BuildManProLite, which allows user to review the features of paid version before making a purchase. What you cannot do in FREE ...

Discontinued App


This is a FREE version of BuildManProLite, which allows user to review the features of paid version before making a purchase. What you cannot do in FREE version? 1. You cannot e mail the report that is generated 2. You will not be able to e mail RFI that is generated 3. PDF for inspection report or RFI generated will appear with watermark. Get the paid version for achieving these functionalities. Buildmanprolitefree is a free version of BuildManProLite, the application developed for construction industry exclusively. Buildmanprolite is especially helpful for engineers, architects, persons performing inspections and contractors at job site. Buildmanprolite has two different features: 1. Inspection Report Generator 2. RFI generator. Inspection Report Generation: Using this feature architects, engineers or inspectors can create reports for their inspection. They can add as many report items in every report as they want. For each item user take pictures during inspection using device and perform freehand markups and add text on picture itself to highlight areas of issues on picture taken. In addition text description of the report item can be added to explain the problem captured. After adding all the inspection issues to report user can generate PDF of the report which will automatically arrange pictures and description side by side. In free version PDF cannot be e mailed its view only. (Generated PDF can be e mailed with paid version). RFI Generation: RFI (Request For Information) is an essential part of construction industry. All the construction drawings and information that is available from these construction drawings can be sometimes hard to understand or not clear to understand in those cases contractors often required to generate RFI (Request for Information) and send engineer or architect resolving their queries. Buildmanprolite is a very helpful tool for contractors and construction workers to generate RFI. Users can take picture from portion of drawings or construction area and can do freehand sketch on picture captured as well as insert text on top of picture and add text description. After entering this information user can generate a PDF of RFI. E mailing RFI is unabled in free version its view only. To achieve functionality of e mail get the paid version of app. Common features included in buildmanprolite: 1.User can use freehand sketch to markup on the picture captured 2.User can chose color to perform different color freehand sketch 3.User can upload company logo from photo gallery, enter their information such as name, company name etc. which will be part of PDF generated.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 4.62 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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