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Bujbu TM the Must Have app for your shopping journey. ☆ GET THE BEST PRICES - The app that looks at millions of products across thousands of online ...

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Bujbu TM the Must Have app for your shopping journey. ☆ GET THE BEST PRICES - The app that looks at millions of products across thousands of online retailers. - The app that combines online with the real world products. - The app that gives vendors product details. - The app that shows vendors best deals. ☆ FLEXIBILITY IN YOUR HAND - You decide what you buy, when and where and which vendor, we do not promote our home grown products, our shopping platform. - We keep your interest in mind make the shopping process democratic where you buy is your own decision. - We let you chose the buying mode online or offline - your choice, we show you what is best. ☆ FIND MORE WAYS TO SAVE Find deals from stores and contact them directly - ring them, email them, meet them. ☆ GET THE BEST INFORMATION Search products across thousands of online stores and participating local retailers to find the best prices. Reduce your time and effort for searching what you are interested in. ☆ NEVER MISS OUT ON A GOOD DEAL find the best store deals, you can track deals of your interest ☆ POWER IN YOUR HANDS. We do not promote our products, we let you shop around when and where you buy and the best deals you can get. We want you to see online, store, near, far, friends, deals and chose - a real power in your hands minus the tricks. ● FEATURES ● ✓ Scan all major retail barcodes ✓ Search local retailers to compare prices, find the nearest location, find the cheapest and avoid the clutter as we will give you only the best. ✓ Decide how far you want to search by setting your preferences ✓ Get product comments, and information to help you make the right decision ✓ See what your peer group is buying, follow their purchases, they are your best recommenders. ✓ Follow where the products of your interests are available ✓ Follow the locations of your interest so you can shop there more often. ✓ Compare online, vendor products and deals at the same time. ✓ You can view top deals at a given point in time and contact vendors directly. ✓ We dont promote online, we just bring online and physical stores much closer so that you get the best. ✓ View popular products scanned by other users. ✓ Find out the cheapest prices of products. ✓ Find those unique products that you really long for when making phone calls and internet search becomes a really waste of time. ✓ Convert the prices from online stores into your local currency applying the exchange rate no matter where you are, great if you are a frequent traveller. ✓ And many other smarts like locating businesses in your area, allowing you to update data and price ✓ We urge you to read the terms before signing. ● Coverage ● ► ATTRIBUTION: Bujbu (TM) uses ZXing Project: http://bit.ly/zxproj which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Full: http://bit.ly/a2license Bujbu (TM) uses a number of API's from providers to bring the information to you.


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Version: 1.0

Size: 1.55 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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